3 Easy Steps To Getting Things Done

Most of us want to get things done. As a matter of fact, we write out our plans in our calendars, in our notebooks, on post-it notes, and we even leave ourselves a voicemail reminder. (I’m not the only one who does this, right?!) The problem is not making a plan. The problem is following through on that plan.  Here are 3 easy steps to getting things done.


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Get Rid Of The Distractions

If you want to get things done, you’re going to have to remain focused. And that, my friend, will require you to get rid of the distractions. When working online turn off social media. We both know how easy  it is to be led of on rabbit trails when we start looking through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and the Internet. Do yourself a favor. Don’t even open them. If it’s absolutely necessary to use these items for your work, commit to working 45 minutes straight through without deviating from the task at hand.

Set A Timer

I can’t stress it enough. Set a timer for tasks you keep putting off. There’s something about beating that timer that helps us get the job done. Just do it. Enough said.

Do Hard Things First

Many times we put tasks off because we know they will require hard work. Here’s the problem- putting things off doesn’t get rid of them. You can’t skip the process. You’re simply delaying it. So instead of procrastinating, why not prioritize your tasks? Complete difficult tasks while you have the most energy. Get the satisfaction of checking those items off your ToDo list. Then use that motivation to tackle the next task.

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