{5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} The Benefits Of Couponing- Day 1

Boy do I have a treat for you this week!

I was on Facebook when I saw this picture below with the following caption:

“I paid $6.94 for all this but saved $49.77.”

This picture was taken by Stephanie, whom I met back when we were little girls in the church children’s group. Now I know this picture is not clear, but just by looking at that table, one has to ask, “how on earth did you get all that for $6.94?!!!”

And so, I did just that. I emailed Stephanie and I told her how much I loved her coupon savings. I wanted in on her tips and tricks and I know you’d want to get the scoop as well. So this week we have a special treat.

Join me (and mostly Stephanie!) for 5 DAYS to {Save Money With Coupons}!

  • Day 1: Benefits of Couponing
  • Day 2: Where Do I Start?
  • Day 3: Get Set Up & Get Organized
  • Day 4: Do The Research & Plan Ahead
  • Day 5: Let’s Go Shopping!

Without further delay, allow me to introduce you to my coupon-savy girl:

Hi! I’m Stephanie! I am a wife, stay at home mom of two young children (ages 4 & 1) and I have a passion for couponing. I turned to couponing about 1 year and 8 months ago to help my husband of 6 years with finances, and I have never looked back since. Couponing has become a way of life and I will speak to just about anyone on the joys of couponing.



Couponing can be overwhelming at first and maybe a little intimidating, but I thought if you heard all the benefits of couponing, perhaps you’d  give it a try. Some might ask, “Is it even worth it?”, and I would answer, “yes”.

There are many benefits of couponing, and I have listed some that keep me couponing.

  • Couponing can save me money.
  • Couponing allows me to try new products at little or no cost to me.
  • Couponing allows me to stock up on items that my family uses on a regular basis.
  • Couponing allows me to give my family a better living.
  • Couponing allows me to bless others in need (charities, unemployed families, etc.).
  • Couponing saves me 50% or more on my groceries every week.
  • Couponing allows me to have more money in my budget for fruits, meats, and healthier food which can be expensive.
  • Couponing allows me to entertain family and friends more often.

Couponing is a way to save money on everything from groceries to eating out and clothing. With just a little bit of your time every day you can reap the rewards couponing has to offer. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see it right away. It takes some time and research to get the hang of it, but sooner than later you can become a coupon pro.


There you have it, straight from Stephanie, one of the couponing pros. I do’t know about you, but when I saw the benefits of couponing, I was impressed. I would love to entertain family and friends more. I would love to cut my food shopping bill in half. So far, the benefits of couponing have peaked my interest. But the question is, “Where do I start?”

If you’re asking yourself the same question, then meet me here tomorrow for {Day 2: Where Do I Start?}.

So are you ready? I hope so, because I [Darlene] am going to need all the support possible. I’ve tried this couponing thing, and I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. Perhaps after implementing some of Stephanie’s tips and tricks, you and I can get serious about saving some money!

Whether you’re a newbie like me or a master at couponing, be sure to send me your emails and comments, I want to hear from you!

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