5 Minute Friday: Dare

It’s been a while since I’ve written a 5 Minute Friday post. Today’s word prompt was so appropriate for what’s been stirring in my heart recently. May it encourage you to walk out the “Dare” in your own life!


While I’d like to think of myself as brave,

Over the years I’ve learned that sometimes,

many times,

I’m fearful.

Fearful of the unknown.

Fearful of the what-ifs.

Fearful of being disappointed.

And yet, I hear the voice of God speak to my heart-

“It’s time.”

It started in January.

“It’s time.”
I wasn’t too sure I knew what that meant.

“It’s time.”

I wasn’t sure I had the resources.

“It’s time.”

I didn’t feel prepared.

“It’s time.”

As the year slowly comes to a close,

I see what He was talking about.

I’ve experienced what only the power of God can do in a person.

I’ve seen him turn obstacles into stepping stones.

I’ve watched Him pour out resources.

I’ve experienced connections only He could bring into my life.

“It’s time.”

I know it.

I feel it.

I understand.

I dare to believe.

I dare to dream.

I dare to trust.

I dare to walk in it.

I dare to use the gift God’s blessed me with.

I dare. 

Because apart from Him I can do nothing-

But with Him I can do anything!

* * *

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  1. mamarabia says:

    Way to be brave! Trusting in God is one of the hardest, but more beneficial thing you can do.

  2. Rachel says:

    So excited and blessed to be able to be a part of your life during this season!

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