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Joy In Our Sorrow

Pondering on “joy” today.   Because life is difficult sometimes and even finding a smile for the day becomes a challenge. As my pastor shared in his sermon this Sunday, sometimes the proper response to injustice, to suffering, to grief, to evil is–to simply weep.   In her book, Dancing With My Father, my sweet mentor, […]

Defiant Joy

Defiant Joy.  Joy–refusing to die. Will not be quieted. Refusing to be harassed, and pushed off to the side. Joy–defying the circumstances, settling our hearts, anchoring our soul, and steadying our spirit. Joy–refusing to be extinguished, refusing to sit out on this dance called life. Joy–abounding, resounding, compounding. Defiant Joy.  Will not be quenched. Refusing to be smothered, destroyed, and […]

Smart Money Smart Kids {Joy In Giving}

   This post is part of our Smart Money Smart Kids  * * * It’s early morning and I’m getting ready for my day. Somewhere between now and noon, I have to homeschool and bake cookies for church. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get anything done. Yet I released a mother’s prayer. From […]

Where Do We Find Our Joy?

This was supposed to be a nature hunt. “Mom, can you hold this?” I stand holding our autumn treasure: a bag full of acorns and leaves in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Life is changing all around her. Yet she’s content sitting on that railing next to Daddy. The ducks pay no attention to her. […]

{Choose Joy} Dwell On The Promises of God (& Free Printable)

I have tried to search for words to explain what is going on inside of me right now. But I can’t find anything more substantial than, “I am so excited!”. It’s difficult to put into the words the way the Spirit of God moves and satisfies. It’s difficult to explain the way one can actually […]

{My Heart Overflows With Joy!}

Boy am I excited to see all that God is doing. I cannot stress enough just how much joy and peace comes as a result of moving to the side and saying, “Lord, You reign!” I don’t know about you, but I am choosing to walk in the fullness of Christ. I am choosing to […]

Discipline of Submission {Book Club Thursdays}

Welcome! We’re jumping into Barbara Hughes’, Disciplines of a Godly Woman (affil. link). For your convenience, all the posts in the series will be archived here. Or, to make life even easier, subscribe to our Book Club Thursdays newsletter and receive all book club posts directly to your email.  You will also receive a link to our private FB group where we can […]

The Gospel Which Unites Us

I sat quietly in the car pondering what I had heard. My husband was doing the driving which made it easier for me to get lost in thought. A question was asked, “Have you ever worked hard to earn something?” I listened to the woman sharing how she always had what she needed. She never lacked […]

Be Still And Know That He Is God

Sometimes the biggest thing you can do… The most effective move you can make… The greatest impact you can have… The most difficult response to your situation… Is to “Be still and know that He is God,” (Ps. 46:10).   And yet, difficult as it may be, when you are at that place of knowing that […]

Wait For It {Every Seed Planted Will Yield A Harvest}

  For weeks the Lord has reminded me of the power of hope. Perhaps you’re living through an awfully difficult situation. Maybe you’re tired of the opposition, and you’ve got no fight left in you. Or, perhaps, like me, you see the chaos, but you refuse to believe this is the end of your story. […]