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We’re reading through  Sally Clarkson’s, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming (affil. link).

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Chapter 8: A Heritage of Faith (Sarah)


I was raised in a Christian home. Understanding the gift of this heritage and learning the responsibility to pass it on to my children has been a lifelong process (one I have yet to complete). With an 8-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son living at home, I’m reminded daily the importance of passing down that baton of faith.

Yesterday, I heard Ravi Zacharias give a response to the question, “Does God favor a gender?”. In the video he shares about the value of the ‘weaker vessel’. I’ll let you hear it for yourself:

I heard these words and thought about the women leaving the tomb on that first Resurrection Day, their excitement to tell everyone they knew what they had witnessed. I thought about the woman at the well and how she, too, ran back to town to share about Jesus.

And then, I thought about me, in this home, being my children’s first encounter with Jesus. I thought about the lessons, the prayers, the talks, and every other imperfect attempt to instruct them in the ways of the Lord, and it hit me (on a deeper level) the importance of my position in our home. I was reminded that before ‘evangelizing the world’, I’m called to evangelize right here around my kitchen table. This job is valuable, honorable, and brings glory to God.

I’m left with thoughts from this week’s reading, “How am I leaving a heritage of faith? How am I engaging with God’s story?”

For years it’s looked like living out my Christian walk in such a way that it would point to Jesus, not just on Sunday mornings at church, but Monday thru Saturday in my home. It’s looked like reading the Bible with my children, and sharing the wonderful stories of God’s redemption and love in the lives of people. It’s looked like sharing with them my own struggles and trials while helping them see God’s faithfulness. It looks like gathering my family around the table to talk about life-lessons in the faith, weekly church services, forgiving and asking for forgiveness. There’s singing together, morning and bedtime prayers… but mostly, there’s just the every-day-ordinary.

Learning to live faithfully in all things, not just what’s considered ‘spiritual things’. The way I see it, all things are spiritual in some way, and I’m called to ‘do it all to the glory of God’ (1 Corinthians 10:31).

This week I’m taking my call to leave a heritage of faith and coupling it with the understanding that God values our womanhood and He created it with purpose. I’m reminding myself to keep sowing the big spiritual seeds, but to never stop sowing the every-day-ordinary seeds as well. For each produces its own fruit and all it, every last bit of it, brings glory to the Father.


If you’d like to take a glimpse into Sarah’s home and how leaving a legacy of faith looks, I encourage you to read through this chapter, A Legacy of Faith: Engaging with God’s Story. You’ll find ideas for making your home the training center for faith where you start the day off with God, instruct in the ways of the Lord, create prayer times with the family, memorize scripture, and sing together. She talks about the art of faith, reading and writing faith, feasting with faith, celebrating the rhythms of faith, and she encourages us to keep walking this out.

A Legacy of Faith... what does that look like for you? Let’s talk about it (feel free to do so in the comments section, on our Facebook page, or privately). Then meet me here next week when we’ll be talking about a heritage of faith and how we can engage with God’s story.

*unless otherwise noted, all quotes are by Sarah Clarkson.

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