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We’re reading through  Sally Clarkson’s, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming (affil. link).

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Chapter 11: A Heroic Heritage, Engaging with Story and History (Sarah)

This week’s chapter challenges us to look at our story. In order to do so, we must stop to think on and remember those who’ve gone before us. Sarah shares beautiful ways that’s worked itself out in her life: chats with her Nana, looking through old pictures and hearing the stories of family members long gone, sitting with her mom and dad and hearing them tell heroic stories of generations past, memorizing Scripture, poems, songs, and more, watching historical films and visiting historical locations, and celebrating special days with purpose and intention.

You might be thinking, ‘that’s not my story’, and I get that. It’s not everyone’s story. That’s why I appreciate Sarah’s words. Instead of filling the page with my thoughts or my story, I leave you with these words from this week’s reading:

“If your family history is one that brings little grace and offers little life, if your story holds more pain than joy and more abuse than heroism, don’t despair. The gift of history, the grace of narrative is that it is ongoing. Each generation is given the opportunity to tell heir stories anew, to alter, shift, change, or restart the history into which they were born. 

“We inherit history, in other words, but we also create it. In addition to family memory or heritage, we can draw on the memory of Scripture, the identity and narrative of mentors or cultural heroes who went before us. We can act in keeping with those whose lives wrote the kinds of stories we long to live.

“Heroism doesn’t begin in the moment of crisis, and sometimes it never gets noticed at all, because its roots are in the smallest choices of the everyday. But these are the choices on which all good homes are founded. 

“So what kind of hero do you want to be?

“We may not get to choose the story into which we are born, but we do get to choose what part we will play within it. Daily we have the creative choice to respond, to make, to give, to love. As the wizard Gandalf said to Frodo when Frodo wished he head not lived to see evil times, “All we have to decide is what to do with  the time that is given us.:

“This life, this single day, this one home is the setting in which we have the chance to remember and honor the heroes who have gone before us and allow their tales to draw us into a heroism all our own. 

“In the end, I believe, heroism is simply faithfulness, a moment-by-moment choice to do what is right–to love once more, to give without fear in the face of every challenged. Heroism is forged and known in such choices, whether in a blazing moment of courage or in the countless small moments luminous, ordinary life. Let us pray for courage and grace to join the ranks of loving and brave people who have gone before us  and, in so doing, take our place as part of God’s story on earth.”

For more ideas on how cultivating a heroic heritage can look, be sure to read through this week’s chapter. There’s only so much I can fit in a blog post. Then take a moment to go through the “thoughts to ponder” section. You might find you’re already living a great story!

Cultivating a Heroic Heritage... what does that look like for you? Let’s talk about it (feel free to do so in the comments section, on our Facebook page, or privately). Then meet me here next week when we’ll be talking about the Story of Us.

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Unless otherwise noted, quotes in this post are by Sarah Clarkson

Thoughts To Ponder

1.) What family stories do I need to remember and write down? Which ones impact who I am, who’ve I become, and who I long to be?

2.) What does heroism look like to me?

3.) What historical heroes inspire me to live a life of heroism?

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