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The year ended like a whirlwind, a mixture of broken-beautiful. News of the anticipated layoff turned our December upside down. The resounding sounds of Christmas celebration filled the air and yet uncertainty of the future gripped us every morning. And as we navigated these waters, all we could do is hold onto Jesus… because how else can one go through trials and disappointments without letting one’s heart be hardened?

I shared this in December…

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Then 2016 opens up with the broken-beautiful of God’s strength, comfort, and grace as my sister-in-law, Lily, was ushered into eternity.

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And February swarms in with the same crashing waves…

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And just like that, almost three months flew by. One difficult event after another. Many things I wanted to do had to take a back seat to the fact that we needed to face life-changing events. Somehow our new normal doesn’t feel so normal. Yet, the reality is that the world keeps moving. It doesn’t stop to grieve with us. Life continues to expect you to show up. You’re expected to continue raising children, managing your home, writing, working through the difficult transitions.

I find myself entering through the doors of my home and feeling the warmth of a peace-filled space to return to. One where I’m able to laugh, cry, grieve, and rest. My friend and mentor, Sally Clarkson, tells me none of ‘this’ will be wasted. She shares with me that she’s grown deeper through her trials and that they’ve made her more determined to live for eternity.

I pick up her book, The Life Giving Home, and I’m determined to not get lost in the whirlwind. I’m determined to not lose hope as I’m being pounded on by the crashing waves. As she’s taught me, I’m resolved to plant my flag of faith on the promises of the Lord. I choose to cultivate beauty, truth, and goodness. And more than ever, I’m seeing the importance of creating a place of belonging and becoming  in my home. I’m seeing the value of a place where we’re safe to grow. A place to simply be. A place of refuge and refreshment.

Yeah, that’s what we’re doing here on the blog in the next weeks. We’re standing face-to-face with the resistance that threatens to stagnate us. We’re looking the opposition in the eye and we’re pressing forward. We have overcome in the power of the Lord, and this, too, shall pass. This, too, He will use for His glory!

What do you say? Join me in pushing against the forces that threaten to rob you of your peace and joy? Join me in planting and sowing, believing God will bring an abundant harvest out of your sacrificial offering?

No matter how powerful the whirlwind and how loud the crashing waves…

We’re putting our hands to the plow, partnering with God, and we’re doing the work necessary to bring beauty and order into our homes. We’re turning them into a place of refuge– a life-giving home, a place of belonging and becoming.

Join us for our upcoming Book Club:

lghbooksWe’re jumping into Sally Clarkson’s, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming If you’re already familiar with Sally’s work, I don’t have to convince you further. You know what you’re in for. If you’re new to her work though, I can assure you of this– You will leave the pages of this book feeling inspired, refreshed, and renewed on your journey of cultivating and creating a place of belonging. Get all the details {here}.

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