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Yesterday I asked some mamas if they’d like to be a part of a series regarding pursuing our children’s hearts. It stemmed out of a series I did on the blog last year which continues to transform my parenting. Within minutes a bunch of yeses started coming in.

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Seems this series resonated with many. So I thought I’d extend the invitation to you too.

Years ago I began my journey back home. I don’t mean a journey from a far away land. Instead, I’m talking about my heart’s journey back to the home. My heart was set on great, big, life-changing endeavors.

And while all the noise of this world filled my ears, I heard the sweet quiet voice of God, “There’s more!“

I didn’t understand it then. But God was singing a song I longed to hear, the melody filling my heart each day a little more. The glitz and glamour of my endeavors began to lose their luster. There was a new calling. A most holy and sacred calling I had yet to comprehend.

I heard the synchronized beating of my heart, no longer drumming to its own beat. Instead, it fell into place with God’s heart for our family.

And now? Well, now I’m {In Pursuit} of the abundant life God has for me. It starts here within these walls. With these precious ones He’s blessed me with.

So won’t you join me for 31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart?

Together, let’s quiet the outside noise. Let’s get rid of the distractions. Let’s fight for the relationships with our children. Let’s zoom in and focus. There’s a war going on for the hearts of our children.

How about you and I engage?

31 Days {In Pursuit} of our Child’s Heart. May it begin a revolution that would transform our homes from the inside out.

If you’re up for it, meet me here for some easy, some lighthearted, some serious, and some intentional ways to help us be purposeful in our pursuit of their hearts.

{In Pursuit} alongside you,


So come along and invite a friend. The more the merrier. Simply click {here} to join our Facebook Group. Looking forward to walking this journey with you!


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