Beauty All Around Us

Finding beauty in our lives is difficult when we’re busy gawking over the beauty in the life of others. If we’re not careful, we lose our focus, goals become unclear, and we begin to measure our success with everyone else’s highlight reel.

Because you do know that perfection doesn’t exist? And you do realize that Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter only give us half the story, right?

I’m reminded that beauty exists everywhere, it’s God’s gracious gift. It’s up to us to find it. I’m {In Pursuit} of the abundant life God has for me. That means opening my eyes to the abundance already here.


It means living life with the understanding that life right here counts. The good morning smiles, the breakfast mess, the pile of dirty dishes, time reading God’s word together, seeds sown into our children, the tears we cry, the laughter, the bickering and the making up, the walks, the disappointments, the pain, the hugs, the kisses, one more attempt at a healthy lifestyle, one more attempt at failed dreams.


All of it part of God’s holy plan. All of it working together to mold us, equip us, and form us more and more into His likeness. That’s something worth celebrating. It’s something worth living thankful.

There’s beauty in your life. I promise you, there is. That mama you see online, the one that looks like she has it all together? She’s got her own set of issues. She’s got her own set of problems. That woman whose marriage you think is perfect? They’re working through some difficult things.

The grass is greener right where you are. So go ahead. Open your eyes to the beauty all around you.


God is doing an amazing work in your life. There is a specific call and purpose for your family. Most likely it will look nothing like what you see others living. God’s birthed into you a dream for your family. One that will advance His kingdom. Looking too long at how others live out their lives muddles up our dreams. We begin to doubt whether we’re on the right track.


Live life fully awake. Live life with eyes and heart wide open. There’s beauty all around us. There’s beauty in every season! 

* * *

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