Beauty in the Quiet Life…

In this world of social media we’re told to put our life out there for all to feast on. Share every moment, every private detail, every picture of our children and all the ‘amazing’ things they do. Share the report cards, share the certificates, share, share, share…

Years ago, I became convicted that I was taking some things, some people, some moments that were intended to be treasured and pondered in my heart, and I was setting them on this fickle altar of ‘recognition’.

You’ll get loads of encouragement here, but you won’t find every-single-detail about my life, marriage, and children. You’ll find words of hope, peace, and truth here, but you won’t find me taking my treasures and creating a display that was never intended to be shared. If it doesn’t serve to edify and point to Jesus, to bring hope, joy, laughter, and love to others, mostly I skip the post.
That’s not very popular, and it sure doesn’t help to increase traffic. Yet, I believe there’s great value in the things we learn to celebrate in secret, the trials we overcome in private, and the battles we fight that the world doesn’t even know about.

We develop self-discipline as we persevere. We’re humbled. And we make it to the other side with substance that comes from being in the presence of God. We’re able to pour out of the overflow and not out of a cup that’s hoping to be filled by all those around us.
There’s beauty and wisdom in leading a quiet life. And this is not to be mistaken with ‘doing life alone’ and disappearing into the background. Simply put, it’s living your life for an audience of One, then pouring out of the abundant life and generosity He’s blessed you with.
Go on, live your beautiful and blessed life. Then, point us to the One from whom all blessings flow. Now THAT’S something worth sharing!!

Sending my love, ya’ll! <3


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