Beauty, Truth, And Virtue {A Monument To God’s Faithfulness}

He was so discouraged. You could hear it in his voice. You could see it by his eyes in the way he looked away when he spoke to me. And all I could do was sit there. Because what does a wife do when the reality of it all is too much to bear? What does one do when the disappointment surmounts, and an elephant-load of anxiety drops hard on your chest?

Pray. That’s what I did. I sat with God because if I didn’t center my heart on Him and His truth, the abundance of my heart would surely spill over toxic words of fear, doubt, and unbelief.

‘Wisdom, Lord. Grant me wisdom to speak only words that will encourage and lift up my husband. Peace, Lord. Grant me peace that I might speak words filled with truth and grace.’

Off to work he went the next day. Alone in my dining room, in the early morning hours, I stared at a blank wall. As I searched the Scriptures in a quest for truth and comfort, my heart overflowed with gratitude for God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. Words of thanksgiving manifested themselves as writing in my journal; One page after another, filled with evidences of God’s grace over our family.

The empty wall seemed to echo my soul’s ache for beauty, truth, and virtue in the midst of trying times.

Strap them to your fingers and engrave them on the tablet of your heart. (Proverbs 7:3)

And so I set off to create a wall of gratitude… a wall of God’s faithfulness. Except, I didn’t have the car or the ability to run out and get frames. What I did have was a deep desire to get beauty, truth, and virtue in front of our eyes. The conviction that it needed to be finished before my husband got out of work was the motivation I needed to push past the heaviness and lean into the promises.

God is good and He is absolutely good over our lives… How do I know? His track record in my life proves it!









He came from work and sat down for an important phone call. In the meantime, I ran out to the grocery store. I returned to him still sitting at the table. Looking at the Wall of God’s Faithfulness, he reminded me of a conversation we had several days ago.

“How can we believe God for Salvation  which is so unbelievable… a baby born of a virgin, growing and living a sinless life, dying to pay the price for my (extreme and wicked) sin, followed by a resurrection and a promise to return for us and usher us into eternal life with Him? In faith, we believe for Salvation. Yet, we fail to activate that same faith to believe Him for the rest of His covenant promises–like meeting our every need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). It’s screwed up theology to think He can save our wicked souls, yet He’s not so good a Provider.”

He had sat ruminating on our conversations as the person continued to talk on the other side of the phone. He sat across the dining room table facing the Wall of God’s faithfulness… evidences of God’s goodness jumping off the wall and calming his soul. He sat there reading the many times God provided in the past. He read line after line of the numerous times God protected our family from danger. He sat there looking truth head on and the lies began to lose their stronghold. They started to crumble under the weight of words that go out and do not return void.

“And all of a sudden, Darlene, the peace of God filled me. Even as they were talking, my anger subsided. I couldn’t conjure it up. I couldn’t create this peace. I know it was His peace filling every part of my soul and letting me know I could trust His plan.”

I look up at my Wall of Gratitude. The depth of my heart spilled into my journal this morning now stand as a monument to God’s faithfulness in my dining room. Country Living or House Beautiful or HGTV would never put my wall up on their BEST OF THE BEST… Yet, beauty, truth, and virtue have been ushered in and God’s beauty, truth, and virtue boldly proclaim what we know to be true…

God is good and He’s good over our lives!

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© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest


  1. Wanda O. says:

    Praise the Lord that He is faithful…your words and your way of caring for your man and family encourage me…thank you for sharing so honestly…again, Praise to the Lord!!

    • Wanda, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your encouraging words. My thoughts are always, “If I can encourage and point just one person back to God, then it’s worth sharing the journey”. Thank you for being that ONE today! <3

  2. Alejandrina says:

    That was very beautiful. A perfect time for me to read this. Thank you.

    • Alejandrina, I’m so glad you were able to stop by today. There’s so much power in getting God’s word in front of us. Loved being able to share this with you. I’m so happy to hear it was an encouragement for you on your journey of faith 🙂

  3. I love every word, truth and blessing represented here. What a beautiful testimony to God’s provision and love in your lives…and a daily reminder. How I need this same reminder day in and day out when the lies from the enemy threaten to steal, kill and destroy what God has so generously built. Thank you for this, Darlene. I love you so. xo

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