{Creativity} The Gift That Forms A Bond

If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more about the {Live Life Fully Committed Challenge}  click {here} * * * I was a single, 22-year-old momma to a then 4-year-old son. My (now) husband, was a 22-year-old papa to a then, 5-year-old son. About two years later we were married. Together, we have […]

{The Sparkle Box} Faith Always Triumphs Fear!

If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more about the {Live Life Fully Committed Challenge}  click {here} * * * I hold the red Sparkle Box, fingers clasped around it tightly. It’s not very fancy, merely a cardboard box from the Dollar Tree. It’s the same box that overturned my Christmas.  And […]

5 Minute Friday: Remember

It’s called 5 Minute Friday’s. It’s a group of writers, who after receiving a word prompt, have 5 minutes to write. Lisa-Jo Baker challenges us to write for 5 minutes with no grammar rules, no editing, just set the timer and Go! Want to join us? Find out how, {here}. Here I…. Go! REMEMBER: It’s […]

2C16:9 Kind Of Living

The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him… (2 Chronicles 16:9, NLT) My eyes searched the text in hopes of a way out. None was found. There was no running away. There was no escape route. Any attempt of retreating was useless. I was […]

Tick. Tick. Tick. {But God…}

This is what life looks like when you’re sitting in a hospital room. Seconds turning into minutes, minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days, days turning into weeks… time just keeps moving forward. Having our world stand still can be so difficult. Especially true, when looking out of your window you notice everyone else […]

Change Your Focus {Look Forward To The Celebration}

“Mom, I really want you to come home,” my chunka-wunka of a Princess is crying now. She’s five years old and to her, these 11 days of my son’s hospitalization (over an hour away from home), feel like an eternity. I understand. It feels like an eternity for me too. Before my husband drops us […]

One Is Enough! {I Know Better Now}

“One is enough!” That was my answer to the invasive question asked of an immature, 18-year-old, teenage mother, “Do you want anymore?” “I am never having anymore kids! Ever!” To me, children were an inconvenience. I was head over heels for my cutie pie of a son, but more kids? Nope. Not for me. And then […]

From Our Archives: {It’s War! You Must Be Intentional, Purposeful, and Fearless!}

We’re still in the hospital (and thank you for all your prayers!). For today, while we get some much needed rest, I am pulling out of our archives . Enjoy. Be blessed. And know that Mothering On Purpose is part of our {Living Life Fully Committed} Challenge. If you’re new to the blog and want […]

My Best $3 Spent

“Ok Jay, I have a challenge for you.” My 13 year-old looked at me inquisitively, “What kind of challenge?“ “I’m going to pay you to read books.” I had his full attention now, “…Not a lot of money. But if you want to take the challenge, I will pay you $3 for every book you […]

In The Stillness {Do You Know How To Meditate On His Good Works?}

Sometimes There’s A Lot To Do Sometimes the days are filled with reading and writing, With breakfasts, lunches, and dinners around the dining room table- Food crumbs hiding beneath, waiting to be swept. There are dishes to be washed, and piles of laundry, which never seem to vanish. There are books to be read, homework […]