You Are Amazing!

I am fully aware we’re trying to get through this 31 Days To Clean eBook. But can I be real with you? These 31 days can’t go by fast enough. I realized several things about myself through this eBook challenge. 1.)  I can’t be boxed in to someone else’s way of doing things. 2.)  Dragging […]

Fear’s Masqueraded Attempt {On The Other Side: God-dreams!}

There comes a point in the walk of a believer when fear stands before you, terrorizing you with all its claims. It positions itself between you and your dreams, threatening violence, threatening death. “You will not move past this point. Don’t even bother. Give it up, Darlene. It’s pointless. You’re never going to get past […]

Digging Beneath The Surface {That’s Where It’s At!}

It’s funny, isn’t it? You know, how when you think you understand something, God takes you to a whole different level. I’m not talking about ascending into the heavens, higher and higher, kind of level. Instead, it’s bending lower and lower, understanding that our knowledge and wisdom is so unsophisticated and basic next to the […]

The 2-Minute Interaction That Changed My Life {Mercy and Justice, We’re All Called To It}

If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more about the {Live Life Fully Committed Challenge}  click {here} * * * I walked down the long, quiet hallway of the Children’s Hospital. It must have been somewhere between 10 -11 pm. I was tired. So tired.  But I had a bag of laundry […]

Linger Here Just A Little While Longer {There’s More!}

  The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him… 2 Chronicles 16:9   It’s this whole idea of living life –with a heart- fully committed to God that has caused me to turn inward. Hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit, as together we rummage through […]

{The Sparkle Box} Faith Always Triumphs Fear!

If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more about the {Live Life Fully Committed Challenge}  click {here} * * * I hold the red Sparkle Box, fingers clasped around it tightly. It’s not very fancy, merely a cardboard box from the Dollar Tree. It’s the same box that overturned my Christmas.  And […]

Tick. Tick. Tick. {But God…}

This is what life looks like when you’re sitting in a hospital room. Seconds turning into minutes, minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days, days turning into weeks… time just keeps moving forward. Having our world stand still can be so difficult. Especially true, when looking out of your window you notice everyone else […]

Change Your Focus {Look Forward To The Celebration}

“Mom, I really want you to come home,” my chunka-wunka of a Princess is crying now. She’s five years old and to her, these 11 days of my son’s hospitalization (over an hour away from home), feel like an eternity. I understand. It feels like an eternity for me too. Before my husband drops us […]

Our Christian Walk {The Recap}

We just finished our first part of the 2013 {Live Life Fully Committed} Challenge. We took an in-depth look at our relationship with God, because that’s what it’s all about- Living with a heart fully committed to Him! To help you save time finding what you’re looking for in this category- Here’s the recap: 2013 […]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly {He Wants In…}

There’s a message etched into my heart and I cannot run from it. It’s the message God’s been teaching me since the night I lay on the floor of the hotel suite crying my heart out. He spoke it so clearly into my spirit, “Why won’t you let Me sit here with you? We don’t […]