{Thankful For…}

Thankful… For packed sandwiches in a $5.00 picnic basket. Juice Boxes. Giant Rubber Ball. Beautiful days at the park. One hour of laughter and playing, rather than bickering and quarrelling. Slowing down. Enjoying the moment….. My daughter: “Lord thank you for holding the rain!!” And after all the sandwiches were eaten and the fruit was […]

{For Hikers Only: Inexpensive Day Trip}

If you love nature and you love to hike, you will love this place. You can choose between 4 different trails, anywhere between 15 minutes and 2.5 hours. (see my previous post for more info on Bushkill Falls). Definitely  an awesome and inexpensive day trip! (Great for a Family Fun Day). We chose the Bridal […]

{Inexpensive Family Fun Ideas}

Family Fun. What do you think about when you hear Family Fun? Perhaps a day at a theme park, vacation to another state, dinner at a restaurant… But what if you have a large family? What if you just do not have the budget for those fancier family outings? Well, first let me begin by […]

{Inexpensive Family Fun: Bushkill Falls}

If you haven’t been to Bushkill Falls, you are missing one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful and awe inspiring landscapes. The beauty of God’s creation amazes me each time I visit. The best part about the experience is the price. For about the cost of a medium pizza, about $11 (that’s per person), you can go […]

{Spring & Easter: Fun and crafts}

Since Spring hit the calendar, we’ve been working on some crafts and having fun with food. Some are really easy, others took more work and time. But all of them, were fun and helped bring in the Spring-time atmosphere and fun. {Coffee Filter Butterflies} We simply took coffee filters and used Food Coloring to splash […]

{Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs}

For the past couple of days, we’ve been learning about Easter here at home. I wanted to find a way to teach my daughter the real reason for Easter, the reason of our faith- Jesus, His sacrificial demonstration of love on the cross, and His glorious resurrection. In order to teach her this in a […]

Road Trip USA: First stop, The White House

Today’s guest post is from {School Days} The Collazo Family Journal. It’s Thursday and I’m so excited that you decided to join me for our Road Trip USA adventure!! Previously I shared with you this awesome curriculum from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has such an awesome site filled with so much information […]

{Geography and History with Road Trip USA}

My 12 year old son and I began a road trip this week. It’s not exactly the kind of road trip most people take. I mean, we don’t have the car packed up with our stuff. We don’t really have a road map. And well, we’re not really leaving our house. Nonetheless, it’s a road […]

COURAGEOUS- Movie Review

I was so excited last week when I received an email response from FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. I signed up to be a part of their give-a-away and yesterday I received the movie COURAGEOUS!!!! Woo hoo! I love prizes and gifts and even more so when they are life impacting. Yesterday during our {Family Night}, […]

{Update: Christmas Baking}

Hey ya’ll,  I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you. My modem broke down after so many years of using it. I was left without access to my internet and let me just say… those were 3 very long days!!! You cannot imagine the happy dance I did when I drove up to my […]