Faithfulness, It’s What God Asks Of Us

I love Mary Cassatt’s work. She does such a beautiful job of portraying the sweetness and innocence of childhood, and the beauty of motherhood. So much so, that during our picture study time (we’ve been going through several of Cassatt’s works in the past weeks) my daughter remarked, “She must love children!”   Her thoughts […]

Truth and Grace

We’re reading through the book of Matthew when my 9-year-old stops mid-paragraph, “Hmmm, Jesus has some really good sayings!” She’s struck by the way His words cut right through the facades. He slices through the wrong motives with accuracy. He targets the source of the opposer’s discontent, anger, and bitterness. He sees the jealousy and rebellion even when it comes in disguise. […]

Evidence of God’s Faithfulness and Grace in the Journey

Homeschooling is a big part of our family’s journey. Some mornings it even determines if I’m able to write in the space… because Math lessons and reading through beautiful stories about the world and people in far-away lands must come first. At least in this season of my life. I shared this on Facebook yesterday, and […]

Shaping Generations To Come {Book Club Thursday}

Welcome to Book Club Thursdays! We’re reading through Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love (aff. link). For your convenience, all the posts in the series are archived {here}. So if you missed any,  feel free to head on over and catch up. Or, to make life even easier,  subscribe to […]

Our Homeschooling Journey {Or God’s Faithfulness!}

A little piece of our home education journey… only shared as a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness to take our small loaves and fish and multiply it beyond what we imagined! “Awesome! We’re finished with Math!” My daughter and I did a little happy dance and celebrated having finished her Math curriculum in April. She was […]

Encouragement For Today: Our Pursuit Takes Us Back To Jesus

I shared this with a group of mamas in our ’31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart’ group. I thought it would encourage others in their own pursuits. “I wanted to jump in quick to remind you that this pursuit is not about perfection. It’s not about guilt trips and standards that are so […]

An Invitation For You!

Yesterday I asked some mamas if they’d like to be a part of a series regarding pursuing our children’s hearts. It stemmed out of a series I did on the blog last year which continues to transform my parenting. Within minutes a bunch of yeses started coming in. Seems this series resonated with many. So […]

When Making Decisions…

We’re at my son’s post-operation appointment. Though the ride down here is 80 minutes too long for my liking and there’s lots of catching up to do at home, there’s also great joy and gratitude in being here. It feels like just yesterday I was on the 5th floor of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia praying […]

The Little {Big} Encourager

It’s been the same since she was little. I’m almost sure God set her in my life as an agent of encouragement on days when I barely could muster up the strength and energy to pull out a smile. There have been mornings when I’m ready to shower and there’s a knock on the door, […]

Rejecting The Lie Our Culture Tells Us

I had a dream once in which an enormous tree grew out of an island in the middle of my kitchen. Its leaves were green and its fruit so big they’d require two arms to carry. There were many people in my kitchen. The leaves of the giant tree limbs covered them. I was taken […]