Beauty In The Process

She wants so badly to please God. Wanting to do great feats for His kingdom, desire and dreams swarm deep inside, willing her to move, causing her to lose all concept of today. Tomorrow is what she hopes for. Tomorrow is what she anticipates holding in her arms. She yearns and craves for that which […]

Own Your Life Book Club

  For years I searched for a mentor whose life was both exemplary and authentic. One with a heart for God and women. Several years ago I found Sally Clarkson. Her books, conferences, and e-conferences have played such an influential role in my heart for parenting. Her wisdom and encouragement is refreshing– always leaving me with a […]

The Harvest Of All Our Todays

There are so many amazing opportunities happening out there. Book clubs, events, goal planning, e-coaching, pursuing educational goals, writing jobs, speaking engagements, networking… on and on it goes. If I’m not careful, I can find myself looking at a Goal Setting Workshop, Making Dreams Come True in 2015, and This. This. This. The Sure Way To […]

Preparing For The New Year

One of my favorite end of year practices is reflection. Blank pages coupled with expectation, anticipation, and God-dreams have become my favorite way to end the year! Count Your Blessings Something happens in our disposition when we look for the blessings in our lives. I’m not just talking about financial blessings (although, you’re welcome to count those, […]

Owning My Life {My Health Journey}

Sixteen months after having my first child I was miserable with myself. I was 19-years-old and had gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, of which I lost 7.2 lbs immediately after giving birth. That is all. I did what anyone else in a desperate situation would do. I joined a weight loss group, counted my portions, […]

Exploring The Work You’ve Been Given

Last week we talked about growth and making changes,  the “empty hand” trap, and exploring who we are. I hope you’re having as much fun as I’ve had going through these exercises. There’s something exciting about stepping back and looking at who you are as a whole, rather than identifying with only one aspect of your […]

Moving Past Limitations {Pursuing Your Dreams}

When all you see is opposition and obstacles, dreaming can be difficult. Discouragement and disappointment set in robbing us of our strength and vitality. It takes courage to look at disappointment in the face and move forward anyway. Proverbs puts it so well, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree […]

The Law of Consistency {The List of 5}

 Some days Sandy woke up feeling refreshed, renewed, and quite motivated. Days such as these felt so productive. She loved it. She felt as though she were on top of the world, invincible! Other days, the uphill battle was so discouraging, she’d throw in the towel, “I’m never going to be able to do this!”   Sandy was […]

The Gap {Give Up, Pretend It’s Not There, Get Help OR…}

Josh was awfully excited about the journey laid out before him. He had dreams, he had goals, he was ready for change. There was, however, one miniscule problem, (okay, okay, it was a huge problem!)… Josh didn’t know how to get from here to there. He didn’t have the resources or the know-how.  Between his […]

They Lacked Confidence, They Didn’t Trust God, and They Didn’t Believe It Existed

“Mom, I just don’t get it!” My 6-year-old old was dumbfounded. She just didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense to her. “Mom, why would God’s people leave Egypt to go to the Promised Land and then want to go back? Why would they go forward and then want to go backwards?” I looked at her […]