The Law Of Intentionality {Do you have a plan for your personal growth?}

A life plan? Uh, I have a day plan. Does that count? I have a few goals and priorities. How about that? Is that good enough?  Reading through John Maxwell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I am immediately confronted with this question. “Life is in session. Are you present?”  John walks us through […]

Living Out Your Best Life {What To Do With Your Unspoken Dreams?}

Chelsea was a dreamer. Since she was a little girl, she just knew she was created to live out great pursuits and endeavors. Perhaps it was the little voice inside which didn’t allow her to give up, “Chelsea, you were created for more than this. You don’t belong here. You weren’t created for mediocre living.” […]

Freestyle Mapping {Free Printable}

It’s Monday. I absolutely love Mondays. Not only do you start the week off encouraged by Sunday’s message, but you start over anew. Mondays remind me it’s a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to walk in the newness of Christ. Monday’s remind me that my mistakes, failures, setbacks, and even victories of […]

Get Yourself A Vision {A God Vision}

Vision. It’s the process we want to skip over because it takes work to stop, sit, listen, and think. It’s the place in the process we wish to omit because some things ‘seem’ easier when left unattended. But the echoes of God’s word imprint themselves on the tablets of my heart. In a Sunday service, […]

{The Resolution for Women} Leaving A Godly Legacy, Part 13 (book study)

(If you’re new to the blog, welcome! To find out more about our book study and to read previous posts, click {here}.) * * * * * This week’s topic was {Leaving A Godly Legacy: A resolution to live today with tomorrow in mind.} We’ve reached the end of this 13 week journey through Priscilla […]

{Get those Life Goals down on paper}

Good morning, ya’ll! I was so blessed yesterday by all the wonderful people who stopped by to show some love here on {In Pursuit}. I’ve read all your comments and I am just humbled you’ve decided to share your own personal struggles or journey with little ‘ol me. I look forward to getting to know […]