Diffusing The Knowledge Of Christ

We think of ministry as big platforms, bright lights, fame, attention, and a mass following. But what about those of us who are less like Paul and Peter, and more like Jeremiah? Paul and Peter transformed the world in the power of the Holy Spirit. Masses came, repented, and joined the growing Church of God. […]

Truth and Grace

We’re reading through the book of Matthew when my 9-year-old stops mid-paragraph, “Hmmm, Jesus has some really good sayings!” She’s struck by the way His words cut right through the facades. He slices through the wrong motives with accuracy. He targets the source of the opposer’s discontent, anger, and bitterness. He sees the jealousy and rebellion even when it comes in disguise. […]

Defiant Joy

Defiant Joy.  Joy–refusing to die. Will not be quieted. Refusing to be harassed, and pushed off to the side. Joy–defying the circumstances, settling our hearts, anchoring our soul, and steadying our spirit. Joy–refusing to be extinguished, refusing to sit out on this dance called life. Joy–abounding, resounding, compounding. Defiant Joy.  Will not be quenched. Refusing to be smothered, destroyed, and […]

The Unfolding Of God’s Story In Your Life

Several days ago I picked up an old journal from 2011. I sat down and began thumbing through pages of my life. In the absence of a human audience, my soul poured out, naked and bare, before the King. This journal documents my soul-journey after our 2010 house fire. Something changed on the bathroom floor of […]

For When It’s Time To Let Go…

Several weeks ago I shared via email and on my Facebook page some changes that were going on both in my life, and here on the blog. Hello, friends! I sent out an email to my blog readers this morning. For those of you not on my email list, who’ve… Posted by Darlene Collazo at […]

Take a Hold of Your Inheritance {and a printable}

There are mornings when we need to stand before God’s word until it washes our soul. Mornings when fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt creep up silently. We don’t hear a thing. Yet, we feel it’s strangling grip around our throat. Before we realize it, the heavy weight of it comes crashing down on our chest […]

Lean In {Listen To His Heart For You}

  I sat to read a specific verse today about we being the branches and Jesus the Gardener. Somehow I got caught between all these words and I couldn’t help but feel how loved I am and how clearly God speaks. Our problem is we’re too busy to hear. We’re too distracted to focus. We’re […]

Seed Sown On Fertile Soil

There’s a seed sown which bears good fruit and produces exponentially. It’s this seed the enemy is after. If he can rob you of that seed, he robs you of your harvest. “Behold, a sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them. Some fell on stony […]

Walking With Him & Being Known By Him {Yeah, This Is Greatness}

I used to think God had ‘great BIG plans’ for my life. I used to think about greatness like a ladder you climb. The more greatness, the higher the places you’ll go. I had a warped view of what it looked like to be used of God. I imagined ‘greatness’ and ‘big’ things for God […]

Beauty, Truth, And Virtue {A Monument To God’s Faithfulness}

He was so discouraged. You could hear it in his voice. You could see it by his eyes in the way he looked away when he spoke to me. And all I could do was sit there. Because what does a wife do when the reality of it all is too much to bear? What does one do […]