31 Days To Clean {Join me?!}

Learning to {Live Life Fully Committed} forces us to stop and look at our endeavors and pursuits. Why do we do what we do? Whether it’s a specific job, writing, blogging, homemaking, parenting, or loving our husbands… what’s the point? What is our motivation? We’ve been digging beneath the surface, here on {In Pursuit} with […]

{The Resolution for Women} Surprisingly Satisfied, Part 1 (book study)

Being a homeschooling, stay-at-home mother, I understand that I am in a season of life which demands my attention. I won’t have a second opportunity to be here for my young children. They will grow up and I will be left with lots of free time to do things, which for now must be put […]

Revolutionary Women: Touched By Jesus Resulting In Radical Change! -Part 1

About two weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at my church’sTouch With Hope Ministry. This awesome ministry led by Sister Jessica Gonzalez, serves to mentor and walk alongside single mothers on their journey. Although I was invited to share and impart into their lives, it was I, who left there leaving blessed […]

Stand Guard! Hold Your Position! -Part 1

I am so glad you’ve joined me today. However, I must forewarn you, today’s post is not for the weak minded. It’s not for those who waver back and forth between their reality and God’s reality. Today’s post is for those who understand there is calling upon their lives. It is for those who understand […]

{Changes, Changes. What Are You Willing To Change?} -Part 1

I am so excited you decided to stop by {In Pursuit} today. Why? Well because it’s October 1st, of course! I love new months, new weeks, new days even- they give you the opportunity of new beginnings and fresh starts. I don’t know about you, but for someone like me who constantly gets it wrong, […]

{Week 1, Journey to Financial Freedom, Part 1}

Previously, I shared with you my quest to find financial freedom. Part of diving into this very scary area of my life involves surrendering to God’s truth about money and possessions. My husband and I married at 24 years of age, neither of us having obtained any good and useful information regarding how to handle […]