Beauty, Truth, And Virtue {A Monument To God’s Faithfulness}

He was so discouraged. You could hear it in his voice. You could see it by his eyes in the way he looked away when he spoke to me. And all I could do was sit there. Because what does a wife do when the reality of it all is too much to bear? What does one do […]


S  T  R  E  T  C  H  E  D. It’s what happens when we head straight into the storm and keep pressing anyway. It’s what occurs when the obstacles rise and we push forward in spite of them. We learn to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46). S  T  R  E […]

Run Your Race Well, You Look Beautiful Doing It!

You know that person running alongside you? The one you can’t take your eyes off? Yeah, they’ve got their own race to run. They have their own lane to stay in. They have their own hurdles and obstacles to overcome. I know their race looks better than yours. I know they look faster, stronger, and […]

Shine Brightly For Christ!

She finishes her Math work, walks to the shelf, grabs the Language Arts workbooks, and moves on without anyone telling her to. She works quickly and diligently. She’s focused. “Wow, sweetie, you’re on FiiiiiRE today!” She looks at me and smiles, “I really want to be done on time today!” Finishing her Language Arts, she heads to the shelf […]

Turn on the Light {Watch the Darkness Dissipate}

Stepping out of my car, I could feel the heaviness. He pushed back the opaque veil and I was able to glimpse the darkness and oppression of it all. Everything was so clear, so-in-my-face. Why hadn’t I seen or felt it before? Oh, Lord. Shine Your light. With those words, I walked up the steps to […]

Learning To Take Risks {Book Club Thursday}

Welcome to Book Club Thursdays! We’re reading through Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love (aff. link). For your convenience, all the posts in the series are archived {here}. So if you missed any,  feel free to head on over and catch up. Or, to make life even easier,  subscribe to […]

For When Everything Seems Meaningless…

One can live life with pretty things, white picket fences, bank accounts full to the brim, and every desire met and fulfilled. And still, one can go hungry. Half-starved, thirsty–parched and dry. Meaningless. Everything under the sun is meaningless. One can live life fully surrounded by the masses. And still, one can feel fully and […]

Stepping Out In Faith {With Engaged Hearts}

I don’t know about you, but God is asking me to step out in faith in areas I didn’t expect… or maybe I didn’t expect so soon. He’s asking me to believe that the doors He opens are doors I can walk through because we’ve done all the preparation work in secret, in the obscurity. […]

All Is Well With Her Soul {And a Gift for You!}

She looks around and sees a world changing at rapid, lightning speeds. She turns on the news only to find herself overwhelmed by it all. Rumors of war, commotions, persecution… on and on, the list of evils and disasters consume her. Yet, truth swells up inside of her,“These things I have spoken to you, that […]

Beauty In The Process

She wants so badly to please God. Wanting to do great feats for His kingdom, desire and dreams swarm deep inside, willing her to move, causing her to lose all concept of today. Tomorrow is what she hopes for. Tomorrow is what she anticipates holding in her arms. She yearns and craves for that which […]