We Have This One Hope, One Anchor

“Read one more, mommy, please! Read me one more chapter.” We’re reading through the Little Pilgrim’s Progress, an adventure about a young boy’s pilgrimage to Celestial City (taken from John Bunyon’s classic). She wants so badly to find out what comes next. Yet, the weight on my chest doesn’t allow me to read one more word. […]

Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

It was around 11:30 at night. I was exhausted. It had been two years since my husband began working night shift, which meant days were rushed and evenings and nights dragged. I homeschooled all morning and by the time 5 o’clock in the evening arrived, I had to gear up to keep moving through the […]

Owning My Life {Requires A Steadfast Focus}

Discontentment rises up through the corners of my day and I can’t shake it off. I’m doing some of the most important work of my life and still, the sun goes down, the moon shines brightly, little ones are tucked in and I’m restless. I scribble the list furiously into my journal. Morning date with God, […]

Count Your Blessings {It Does Something To The Soul!}

It’s that time of the year when we wrap up the old and get ready for the new.  Sometimes it’s messy. Many times the frayed edges of life are difficult to tidy up. If you’re anything like I was about 5 years ago, I couldn’t bear the idea of starting a new year knowing I’d […]

When Darkness Snuffs Out Your Hope {His Love Shines Brightly!}

I bet you remember the place you were when you finally reached that point of desperation. In the car, at your dining room table, at the school, sitting in the ICU, at the attorney’s office, on the bathroom floor of the hotel suite, at the grave yard… I’m sure you remember the place. You know […]

Against The Backdrop Of Our Silence {God Speaks Clearly}

December strolls along and with it comes quiet. Silence. The days are excruciating with their cold and grey skies. I wonder, whose idea was it to live here in the Northeast? Who decided this was where we’d plant our family? Because a huge part of me wishes I lived in a place where being kissed by the […]

What Are You Dreaming?

Our bloggers group was having a Facebook meet and greet party. As I chatted along excitedly, the question was posed: If money weren’t an issue, what would you want to do? Or something like that. It stopped me in my tracks. This girl here, who usually has so much to say about life and the pursuit […]


Rest. It seems so illusive, unattainable even. At least, that’s what the enemy of our souls wants us to think. Twenty-four hours, one day. They fly away in the wind leaving us tired, fatigued, and restless. Something happens when we put our lives in the hands of God. It’s what happened in the hospital room as I watched […]

Strength, Peace, And Grace

Happy with the doctor’s news of a surgery gone well, I followed the nurse down the hall. My happiness was soon interrupted by the look of pain on my son’s face. Because how many of you know that sometimes you’re able to rejoice over one victory at a time before you’re thrust forward into the next part […]

The Silent Shout

At 6:30 a.m. my alarm went off. Not that it mattered. I hadn’t slept the entire night. It seemed like every two hours a nurse was in the room doing something or other. I brushed my teeth, then grabbed my stuff to make the walk up to the family center. My morning routine interrupted by this gorgeous […]