The Ripple Effects

I sponsored a child through a non-profit organization several years ago. What unfolded in my life next was unexpected. The ripples are still causing change, impact, and praise. It began with a Sparkle Box. “Mommy, I want a Sparkle Box that reaches all the way to the ceiling. I want one so big we need […]

Put Your Love On The Map

  What if we decided to show love to people we’ve never even met this Valentine’s Day? What would happen if this year, we all decided to put our love on the map?  -WorldHelp I’ve never been a Valentine’s Day gal. I’ve always looked at commercialized holiday spending as a factor which minimizes the true meaning of love. […]

Gifts That Multiply

There’s a gift that arrives nice and shiny. There are oohs and aahs, smiles and laughter. The wrapping paper is thrown out and that is that. That’s the climax of the event. From there it’s downhill, everyday leading it one step closer to the garbage can. We live in a world filled with many shiny tinker […]

Inspiring A Legacy Of Generosity

Here’s the little red box that changed everything… Sometime around Christmas 2012 my husband was laid off of work. In the midst of a difficult season, God used this Sparkle Box to inspire in us a heart of generosity. It’s upside-down thinking, really. Think about it long enough and you’d reject it for sure. Generosity in […]

The Empty Hand Trap {And a Free Printable!}

Yesterday we talked about how we’re either changing and growing…or we’re not. I’m hoping to explore that further with you. Reality though, is that sometimes we can’t even get to the exploration part because there are issues that keep us stuck. If we don’t address them, they simply trap us in place. Stagnation is inevitable. One […]

A 6-Year-Old’s Initiative To Make A Difference {Giving The Gift Of Hope}

“Mom, why is that boy on your page?” I glanced up to see what she was talking about. She pointed to the Gifts of Hope banner on my Facebook page. I explained that I write for World Help and that I help bring awareness of the suffering that’s going on in the world. I invite […]

Gifts of Hope {What’s In Your Sparkle Box?}

The Sparkle Box… so simple, yet life changing. It still amazes me that a cardboard box, from the Dollar Store, could turn a stale and wearisome holiday into an oh-so-holy-night.  Last December, my husband found out he would be laid off in January. All of a sudden the anxieties of the season were traded in for […]

Blog With World Help {Change The World!}

“Mommy, I want a Sparkle Box that reaches all the way to the ceiling. I want one so big we need a ladder to climb to the top!” One look at those sparkling, big, brown eyes and I knew she was completely serious. Her smile revealed two dimples, one on either side. Her enthusiasm, her delight, […]

{The Resolution for Women} My Heart, Part 9 (book study)

(If you’re new to the blog, welcome! To find out more about our book study and to read previous posts, click {here}.) * * * * * This week’s topic was {My Heart: A Resolution To Care}. “I love God and I like people. I just don’t care about them.” My husband looked at me […]

{A Revolution of Generosity… Our Gift To Jesus!}

Christmas time came. And one of my favorite parts about it was our Sparkle Box. Although we’ve never read the book, the concept went perfectly with what my husband and I already had in our hearts. This Christmas was going to be {A Different Kind Of Christmas}. We just didn’t know how it would play out. […]