The Ripple Effects

I sponsored a child through a non-profit organization several years ago. What unfolded in my life next was unexpected. The ripples are still causing change, impact, and praise. It began with a Sparkle Box. “Mommy, I want a Sparkle Box that reaches all the way to the ceiling. I want one so big we need […]

Child Sponsorship {Our Gift Becomes A Multiplied Blessing}

Every month, World Help choses an area of focus. We get the wonderful privilege of sharing with you what God is doing all over the world and how you can join in His kingdom work. This June we launched our summer-long Child Sponsorship initiative. For me, June looked a lot like appointments, homeschooling deadlines, a […]

Nepal, Choosing Not To Forget

Vernon Brewer’s words ring in our hearts, “In a few weeks, when Nepal is out of the headlines, will we remember the millions who are homeless, without access to clean water, basic health care, or a place to send their children to school?” On, Vernon raises the question, Nepal, How Long Will We Care? Because the truth […]

World Malaria Day {The Power of Prayer and Action}

Every month the World Help Bloggers unite in prayer. We lift up the vision and mission God’s placed on our heart and we lift up the many who are in need of help for today and hope for tomorrow. Today is World Malaria Day. At World Help, we are dedicating “this month’s focus to protecting […]

Put Your Love On The Map

  What if we decided to show love to people we’ve never even met this Valentine’s Day? What would happen if this year, we all decided to put our love on the map?  -WorldHelp I’ve never been a Valentine’s Day gal. I’ve always looked at commercialized holiday spending as a factor which minimizes the true meaning of love. […]

Becoming A Hope Bearer

Sometimes in life, events line up so perfectly, one can’t help but lean in and feel the familiarity of it all. It’s funny how that happens; Amazing that something so new and so different could feel so right… so right-for-me, so much a part of my identity in Christ. Somewhere in my pain and brokenness […]

Gifts That Multiply

There’s a gift that arrives nice and shiny. There are oohs and aahs, smiles and laughter. The wrapping paper is thrown out and that is that. That’s the climax of the event. From there it’s downhill, everyday leading it one step closer to the garbage can. We live in a world filled with many shiny tinker […]

Inspiring A Legacy Of Generosity

Here’s the little red box that changed everything… Sometime around Christmas 2012 my husband was laid off of work. In the midst of a difficult season, God used this Sparkle Box to inspire in us a heart of generosity. It’s upside-down thinking, really. Think about it long enough and you’d reject it for sure. Generosity in […]

Is There Not A Cause?

There are days when the clock says 10:15 am. The breakfast plates are empty and you know you have a full day of homeschooling to get to. Yet, you don’t move ahead. Mornings when ministry happens around the dining room table. Mornings where a simple story of David and Goliath turns into a call of action. […]

Compassion Rises And Chooses To Make A Difference!

The numbers are staggering, mind-boggling even. More than 60 countries and their millions of Christians facing unimaginable conditions and oppression. It’s surreal sometimes. Unimaginable. But the facts are plain. In Syria and Iraq Christians are enduring severe persecution and displacement. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram militant Islamist group is terrorizing many due to their faith. […]