{Checklist for Life: Debrief}

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 Can you believe it? Can you believe all that you’ve already sown into your children? I love the idea that I can look back and see what we talked about, the word that we reviewed, the conversations that we had. For me, it’s a great reminder that ‘YES, we are taking our role as parents responsibly.’ It’s a reminder that even though we don’t always get it right, we are moving forward, we are investing, and we are sowing God’s word into the lives of our children.

So how about you? Have you taken a moment to look back and review what you’ve sown into your children? Let me help you with that:


Debrief? You’re probably wondering why we’re stopping at Week 7 to debrief. Well, there is an answer to every question- and I’ve got your answer.

Checklist For Life is about your kids. It’s about talking and learning. It’s about relationship building and mentoring. It’s about giving our children the tools they need to face life. However, I wanted to stop and make sure that we all understand that no matter how many of these lessons we go through, the number one thing that will, and can, make the difference when it comes to our teens is: GOD!

That’s right. Although I want you to be proud of the time you’ve taken to teach your children. Do not neglect the time necessary in prayer for them. With prayer we receive God’s help and wisdom. I assure you that the Holy Spirit can take the information you’ve poured into them and make it life transforming. I mean really- who else knows your child so well?!

However, without that anointing upon our lives as we teach and instruct our kids, it turns into nagging and boredom (at least that’s how it plays out in a teens mind). Empowered by the Holy Spirit, you are able to reach into the hidden places of your son or daughter’s heart.

Debrief week is simply about stepping back, reviewing what you”ve learned about your child through the study thus far and going to the Lord with that. It’s about continuing to seek God’s wisdom and guidance for each individual child. And then it’s gearing up and getting ready to do it again.

Are you ready?

Send me your comments and let me know how it’s going for you. I want to hear about it! And get ready for next week’s topic, {VALUES}.

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