{Conquering Those Projects}

There’s something about projects left unfinished that gnaw at you daily. They laugh at you and mock you, ‘heee-hee-heee, you’re never going to get this done!’

The Real Deal

For those of you who think  there is ALWAYS perfect order in my home. Allow me a moment to save you from your error. I’m {In Pursuit} remember, I’m not fully there yet {you can now conveniently pull out your grace card}.

One of the things on my TODO list is to find an organization system for my children’s school supplies/ curriculum. These piles are driving me nuts!!



The second thing on my TODO list is to go through my books. I love to read and I love books. Want to make me happy? Get me a gift card to our local book store. Better yet, just get me a KINDLE FIRE, yes, that will do!!!

Problem though… too many books, some of which I haven’t finished. Yes, I am that person who reads 5 books at one time. I can’t help it. It’s always been that way.

Action Plan

School Supplies/Curriculum

  • Find accessible location for these supplies.
  • Organize schooling supplies for next school year.
  • Plan out remaining Preschool Plans with my daughter.
  • Plan out remaining plans for my son.
  • Create a template to input the curriculum I already I have (so that I don’t double purchase unnecessary items).
  • Create template for “Items Needed”.


I already have a system for putting the books away (Baskets and Shelves). However, I am going to:

  • Take out books I know I will not finish or read again. Give away or donate.
  • Separate into piles by topics: Parenting, Marriage, Spiritual Growth, etc.
  • Make an inventory list. I have bought books on a topic only to find out I already have a very similar book (which I didn’t finish reading).


Alright, now I have an action plan. I can already breathe a bit easier! And did I mention that simply writing out a plan helps get the clutter out of my head. Love it!

Now it’s time for execution of the plan. Luckily, I have a long holiday weekend ahead of me with ample time to get things done! I’ll let you know next week how it went.

Now It’s Your Turn

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You can do this! Send me a comment or email. I would love to hear what project you tackled this weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget, when you’ve conquered that project, laugh right back….

‘heee-hee-heee, thought you had me, didn’t ‘cha!’

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