{Creativity} The Gift That Forms A Bond


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I was a single, 22-year-old momma to a then 4-year-old son. My (now) husband, was a 22-year-old papa to a then, 5-year-old son. About two years later we were married. Together, we have a daughter. We are a split family glued together by the grace of God.

It’s been a long process. Step-parenting is not the easiest thing to do. Perhaps in the future, we’ll share a bit more about our journey.

For now, let me just share how {Living Life -with a heart- Fully Committed} to God looks like for us.

My husband stepped into our life when my son was but a rambunctious, little boy. He took the time to laugh and play with him. He taught him to ride a bicycle and climb the monkey bars. He chased him. He carried him on his shoulders, gave piggy-back rides galore. They took walks in the park in the Spring time, jumped in the lake in the Summers, picked apples from the orchard in the Fall, and had snow ball fights in the Winter.

He was just a little boy. My husband loved him as his own.

But something happens. And I don’t think it has so much to do with our split-family. Perhaps every momma and papa knows what I’m talking about. It’s about that time when little boys start growing light whiskers. Their shoulders broaden up a bit. You’re sure they weren’t this tall yesterday. It’s about that time when little boys trade in their G.I. Joes for iPods and electric guitars.

Somehow walks in the park, apple picking, and piggy-back rides no longer lure them in.

I can’t speak for homes where boys grow up with a birth mother and birth father because well… I just don’t know what it’s like to grow little boys into young men within the context of that ‘perfect’ scenario.

But I can tell you about a home where one Holy Spirit-filled man, filled with the love of God, goes past the context of the ‘perfect’ home and lives within the context of a ‘grace abounding home’.

It is within this ‘grace abounding home’ that God continues to glue our hearts together. The pieces don’t go together perfectly. But it’s totally awe-inspiring, grace-fully.

For years my son has sat and watched my husband take the canvas of a solid piece of wood and transform it into a masterpiece. For years he has sat and watched my husband apply pressure to that burning-hot pen and watched dark lines burn into the wood. He has sat mesmerized that one could take a picture and transfer it to a piece of wood simply by burning into the wood.

And here, my husband picks up a piece of wood and a wood-burning pen and begins to use the gift of creativity to form a bond that goes beyond piggy-back rides and apple orchards.

He teaches Jay how to hold the pen. He takes him to the store and teaches him about the different kinds of wood available. He shows him beautiful works done my amazingly talented pyrographers. He shows him how to get different lines and shading by applying different pressure. He teaches him the art of Pyrography.

Then one day my husband takes the wood-burning pen he’s been using for years, and gives it to my son as a gift.

And here, in our ‘grace-filled home’, where little boys with light whiskers are growing into young men with dark whiskers, we watch as God uses creativity, the gift that forms a bond, to continue reinforcing this split-family of ours.

Here’s a little peek…










Today’s Challenge:

  • What gifts do you have that can be used to reinforce the bond between you and your children?
  • Make it a point to share this gift with them.



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