Defiant Joy

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Defiant Joy. 

Joy–refusing to die.

Will not be quieted.

Refusing to be harassed, and pushed off to the side.

Joy–defying the circumstances, settling our hearts, anchoring our soul, and steadying our spirit.

Joy–refusing to be extinguished, refusing to sit out on this dance called life.

Joy–abounding, resounding, compounding.

Defiant Joy. 

Will not be quenched.

Refusing to be smothered, destroyed, and erased.

Defiant Joy.

Shouting “NO!” to apathy, discouragement, and doubt.

Unable to be terminated, removed, and wiped out.

Defiant Joy.

Resisting. Enduring. Persevering.

Defiant Joy–in the face of darkness, evil, and despair.

Joy–causing sorrow and sighing to flee (Is. 35:10).

Joy–drawing water out of the wells of salvation (Is. 12:3).

Joy–unable to be taken away by man (Jn. 16:22).

Joy–leading the way before us, helping us endure our cross, despising the shame, and pressing forward toward the true Prize (Heb. 12:2).

Joy– from the Lord, a grace, a gift, our unshakable strength (Neh. 8:10).

Defiant Joy–Rightfully ours. Available for the taking. Part of our inheritance.


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