Have Some Fight Left In You?

LLFC LogoWe spent February talking about our relationship with God. If you missed it, you can get the recap {here}. Now we’re moving out of the realm of ‘self’ and adding another dimension: Family.

When we’re dealing with our own emotional and spiritual well-being, we can hide behind a smile. Although nothing is hidden from God, we can masquerade the real issues, and we can cover up what we don’t want others to see.

However, bring family into the equation and the gook and grime pours out of us in our actions and words. There’s no hiding it.

It trickles out, drop-by-drop, creeping out from the abundance of our hearts, contaminating our family relationships.

No Time For Distractions

You might be going through some difficult times. You may have questions, and you’re waiting for answers. You may feel weary and heavy burdened. Perhaps you’re fatigued and lacking strength.

My friend, when it comes to our families, there’s no time to be distracted.

Maintain Your Position

I just spent several minutes reading through the “Maintain Your Position, In Spite Of Opposition” series and thought, “Who IS that girl?!”

(I love that about journaling and writing. You get to go back and re-live the stories and lessons learned along the way.)

And you know, I’m pretty feisty! I’ve got some fight in me.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been here before. Silly me, I almost forgot. I almost got distracted.”

Sound familiar?

Today’s Challenge:

Will you join me this month? Together we can {Live Lives Fully Committed} to God, causing impact and transformation in our families.

…Because when we live our lives with hearts fully committed to God, He strengthens us for the task at hand. And out of that overflow, those closest to us have no alternative but to be impacted.

The question is: Do you have some fight left in you?


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