Faithfulness, It’s What God Asks Of Us

Child Drinking Milk
I love Mary Cassatt’s work. She does such a beautiful job of portraying the sweetness and innocence of childhood, and the beauty of motherhood. So much so, that during our picture study time (we’ve been going through several of Cassatt’s works in the past weeks) my daughter remarked, “She must love children!”
Her thoughts went to a friend who is currently pregnant with her 4th child. Smiling she says, “She’s a mother of four. What a blessing!”
It’s a beautiful thing when we show up with such simple tools for learning. I mean, it took me less than a minute to find Cassatt’s, “Child Drinking Milk” piece, another 30 seconds to print it, 5 minutes to study the piece, and about 1 to 2 minutes for her to tell me (without looking at it) the details she remembered in the picture.
THAT was my part. My preparation. My showing up to cultivate beauty, truth, virtue, and goodness. And yet, the Holy Spirit does the real work. He’s the Teacher. He does the “connecting” in her soul. Truth springs forth and she declares with her mouth, “children are a blessing!”.
We can complicate things sometimes. We think we have to do much that the truths of the kingdom will come to bear in our children. Over time though, I’ve found that all God asks is for continued faithfulness. One day, one step, one Bible story, one meal, one play time, one picture study, one song, one dance, one walk in the park, one bedtime story, one moment at a time…faithfulness. He does the inner work. The lasting, eternal, life-bearing work of the soul.


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  1. Brendaliz Lopez says:

    Love it! Thank you and please never stop doing what you do.

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