For When It’s Time To Let Go…

For When It's Time To Let Go...

Several weeks ago I shared via email and on my Facebook page some changes that were going on both in my life, and here on the blog.

Hello, friends!

I sent out an email to my blog readers this morning. For those of you not on my email list, who’ve…

Posted by Darlene Collazo at In Pursuit on Friday, July 8, 2016


Then, my hosting company slashed the price of the renewal to an unbelievably low amount. Within a week, my husband was called back after a job interview. And I, well, I’m back at the keys.

You should know though, that I hold onto this space both with great responsibility, and with a loose grip. Halfway between the realization that this space would have to be put on hold, and the ability to keep it up and going, I came to a place (for the first time since writing) where I surrendered the end result to God. This space is personal. It’s a treasure through the years, a continuous declaration of God’s goodness, truth, and love unfolding in my life. I wasn’t ready to lose all the content, relationships, and words you’ve encouraged me with. And yet, I was ready to put it in God’s hands and say, “Your will, not mine”.

Because that’s what living life {In Pursuit} is really about, eh? Following Jesus wherever He leads. Letting go of all He asks us to, and taking hold of all He freely gives. Because we love Him. Because we trust that His way is better. His thoughts grander than any we can conjure or imagine up. His love perfect and we, when we surrender and follow, are perfected in His amazing love.

My prayers were, “Lord, I love to do what I do here, but if Your plans for this season are different, then I’m ready to let go of this, too!”

This place has always been a home for God’s name to be glorified. It’s always been a place where encouragement and edification is poured out of the abundance of God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life… that you too, would find glimpses of His goodness shining in your own sweet life.

Surrendering my words to the Lord wasn’t new. I’ve done that over and over in the years behind this keyboard. However, being willing to give this baby up to God… THAT was new. Surprising to me, even. I suppose I learned (yet again) the true content of my heart… that HE truly is enough.

Can I encourage you on your own journey today? I’m not sure what God is asking you to let go of, but I am sure of one thing. If God is asking you to loosen your grip on something, it’s because He wants to free you from being mastered by the very thing you’re holding onto. It’s because He wants to do a new thing.

The question is: Do you trust God enough to let go?

Do you believe He’s not robbing you; rather, He has something new to deposit into your trust, into your care. Are you willing to steward something new?

Friends, I’m here because I have a responsibility to be light in the midst of a dark world (Matthew 5:14). I have a responsibility to be salt of this earth (Matthew 5:13). I’m here because I’m responsible for the talents placed in my hands, and one day I will be held accountable for the use of them (Matthew 25:14-30). I’m here because I can’t keep His goodness shut up in my bones. Because I don’t know how to look at the hurting and not declare God’s love and faithfulness. I’m here because I want to pour out the love of Jesus, and I want to honor and glorify Him with my words and life.

Yet, I know He’s doing a new thing. Seasons are changing. He’s making all things new. I believe it for me, and I believe it for you. So, for now, you’ll find me right here, cheering you on as you move in courage and boldness. As you let go. And as you take a hold of the new.

And, me, well, I’ll be holding on to this space loosely. Believing that you’re cheering for me as well. Knowing that you rejoice in my own letting go, and in the courageous, faith-filled steps required to take hold of the new.

Have I already mentioned how much I love journeying with you? Because if I haven’t, you should know that I do!!!

Sending my love and prayers,



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