Gifts That Multiply

There’s a gift that arrives nice and shiny. There are oohs and aahs, smiles and laughter. The wrapping paper is thrown out and that is that. That’s the climax of the event. From there it’s downhill, everyday leading it one step closer to the garbage can.

We live in a world filled with many shiny tinker toys. They lure us, calling us, demanding our attention and our resources. They take, take, take, but they give very little in return. It’s not long before they lose their luster and bail on their promises of fulfillment.

Then there are gifts which add, rather than subtract… they multiply, rather than divide. These are the gifts we get to give, we get to sow, we get to plant. These gifts don’t lose their shine. Instead, they go on shining brightly in the lives of the recipient.


Because that’s what hope does.

It looks at the hopeless situations without standing down. It faces off the darkness and declares valiantly, courageously… it’s not over yet!

Yeah, these are the gifts which multiply far beyond what we’d imagine. These are the gifts worth giving, the ones worth wrapping.

It’s the transforming gift Ege, an Ethiopian woman, received. It came wrapped in the compassionate work of the doctor who performed surgery on her, giving her hope and promise for her future… ah, the gift that multiplies!


It comes in the form of clean water wells and water systems in the rural villages of Ex Petroleros. Hope bursts through hardened ground, water splashing cool on sweet Amelia- a declaration of God’s faithfulness and answer to prayer… indeed, the gift that multiplies.


It’s the gift of a sowing machine which brings Aliane down to her knees in spontaneous worship and gratitude. Hope steps in and Aliane sees God’s provision for her family… yes, the gift that multiplies!


It comes in the form of a church building and training for church planting, usb and printed Bibles for the more than 3 billion unreached people in the world. Hope breaking through barriers and obstacles… oh, the glorious gift that multiplies!

pray-for-persecuted-church_Photo Pack_2

On and on, sparkle boxes bursting open. God’s care for people all around the world bursting our hearts open. His provision through our gifts causing ripple effects as gifts are opened.


Do you hear it?

The sound of praise…

The sound of thanksgiving…

The sound of gratitude upon the lips of men…


Do you see it?

Light shining brightly in the middle of a very dark Advent?

Hope glaring its light for all to see.

Yeah, there are gifts that lose their luster, but then…

then there are gifts that multiply; these are the gifts worth giving!

Want to find out how you can give a gift that multiplies? Come on over, there’s a bunch to choose from!

© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest

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