God’s “Bigness” Is More Than Enough

There is a wholeness, a FULLness that comes from God’s tender touch on our hearts. He is able to renew us and fill cavernous depths which are unreachable by people in our life, unsearchable by those who know and love us.
Every appetite, pursuit, endeavor, and dream that promises to fill that bottomless chasm, fails to fulfill what it promises.
But God…
His “bigness” is able to fill the abyss. And more than that, the spring of our heart, the deep wellspring of our soul, bursts forth and overflows.
Our heart cannot contain Him.
Our mind cannot box Him in.
Our limitations cannot hinder His extravagant work.
Our fears cannot win when confronted with His perfect love.
Our past, with all its messiness and ugliness, is washed clean by the blood of Jesus.
Our present, with all its complexities, is penetrated through and through with His truth and order.
Our future, with all its uncertainties, is made secure in the palm of His hand.
Friends, I guess what I am trying to say is– God’s “bigness” is more-than-enough!


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