Healthy Lifestyle: {Reader’s Testimony and Tips}

I want to give a big: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all my {Accountability Partners}. For those who are new to {In Pursuit}, we are on our 2nd month challenge.

This week I received a wonderful testimony from one of our {Accountability Partners} and some tips on small changes that make a huge impact.

These posts, along with so many others, have been such an encouragement on this journey of mine. We are women {In Pursuit} of a {Healthy Lifestyle}. It’s about more than a dress size. It’s about more than ‘looking good’…we all know physical beauty fades and is temporary. It’s about strengthening the inner man. It’s about discipline and self-control. It’s about taking care of the temples (our bodies) God has given us. This pursuit causes a domino reaction into other areas of our lives. And so, without further delay I want you to hear the following emails I received:

“Ok so in pursuit has not only pushed me to pursue a healthy life style. As I think of my life I realize that it doesn’t matter how healthy or how great my body can look if everything else in my life is out of wack then whats the point?????

So I must share with you girls that in pursuit has changed my financial situation as well, I was a bit behind on my credit cards due to the loss of my previous job…and well I said, hey why not call and make payment arrangements since I am in pursuit of a better life anyways! So I made my payment arrangements and I must say I feel good because I see that my bills are up to date, my body slowly but steady is changing (at least Jessica L. says so lol) my ‘yaris delights’ is a success and you know what? I’m Happy! And I have money in my savings account! Because what seemed like a little change in my life has made me change other things!

I encourage you to keep pursuing for greater things because God has called us for greater things! Keep pursuing, keep pushing, keep giving it your all, because you will see the hand of God move in ways you couldn’t imagine possible! (sent in by Yari)”

Here’s another email of simple changes made which are causing high impact:

“I’ve learned to replace some of those high fat/calorie items for more sensible ideas. When cooking and baking…
replace oil with applesauce for baking…
replace sour cream with plain greek yogurt for recipes and topping on potatoes ect…
I no longer use butter and margarine…I use the sprays ( I can’t believe it’s not butter)..
Use pepper instead of salt to add flavor..
Dressings are another danger zone area!!! I try to stick to just balsamic vinegar without the oil…
and when eating out, I ask for condiments on the side so I can be the judge of how much to use…
I hope these ideas can help you out!!!! (sent in by Lisa).

Wow, oh-wow!!! This is what I’m talking about…. Pursue God’s best for your life. Why stay stuck in the same ‘ol rut? Why continue doing the same thing that has you stuck in your miserable situation?  One step of obedience leads to another. Before you know it, your choices have drastically changed the condition and outcome of your situation.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it! If making better (and godly) decisions does not drastically change your life, nothing will! I assure you that all it takes is desire, will, and action. When we seal all of that in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in the changes that need to be made, we begin to see the fruit of those changes in all we do, say, and touch.

So what do you say? Want to join us on our pursuit of a {Healthy Lifestyle}? I guarantee you, your life will never again be the same!


© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest

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