{He’s Got My Whole World In His Hands!}

I’ve been sick- very sick, for the last several days. I hate being sick. I feel so unproductive when I can’t do a thing.

I kept saying over and over how unproductive I feel. But somewhere in the midst of my un-productivity, God was working. He was moving. And I must go to sleep in the next few minutes, but before I do, I have to share.

God is a mighty God who not only cares about the ‘big’ stuff, but He cares about the ‘little’ stuff. This weekend, I’ve experienced that!

This weekend, when I felt so exhausted and sick; so unable to do a thing. God showed up and stirred within me such joy and excitement about my life in Him.

It just amazes me how He works.

I can’t do a thing. I’ve slept late and have not had my {Morning Dates} with Him. I’ve tried to get my prayer time in between medications, tissues, and heating pads. Yet He proves himself present. Available. Faithful. Loving. Compassionate. Merciful. Triumphant in all areas pertaining my life!! Whew… If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone is sound asleep already, I’d give a great big shout… HALLELUJAH!!!

Oh, He’s got my whole world in His hands!!!

So in love with Jesus!


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