In Which We Unravel Divine Layers

In Which We Unravel Divine Layers

Layers. That’s what happens as we navigate life. Like a peeled onion revealing a fresh new layer, ring-by-ring, so God reveals himself to us.

How can we ever understand the Comforter, lest our situation requires comfort?

How can we ever comprehend what it means to call Him Friend, lest we find ourselves alone, in need of a trusted companion?

How can He be our all-in-all, lest we drink from wells that do not satisfy and eat the delicacies from the king’s table, which do not  satiate our hunger?

How can we know Him as Jehova-Jireh, our Provider, lest we find ourselves in need, in want, in lack?

How can He ever be known as the Good Shepherd lest we need the direction and care of a shepherd?

How can we know Him as Jehova-Shalom, God our peace, lest we find ourselves in chaotic and anxious places?

How can we know Him as Savior if we think our works have the power to make us righteous?

It’s in the struggle that we know Him as He is. It’s in the depth of our mired pit that we recognize our need for a Savior. In our loneliness, in our hunger for something that satisfies and our pain, we experience the arms of the Comforter tightly wrapped around us, promising, “I’ll never let go! I’ve got what you’re looking for. I am your Portion!”

In the rejection, in the loneliness and in the betrayal, another ring comes undone and we find a Friend, “I’m not going anywhere. I like you just the way you are. You and your mess. You and your “stuff”. You and I, we’re on this journey together. You and I, we’re walking hand-in-hand. Do you hear me? I’m never going to let you go!”

Layers. On and on it goes. God molding us into His likeness and revealing Himself. And somehow, in our most trying places, we grow, we learn, and we stand in awe as we unravel Divine layers.

* * *

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