Inspiring A Legacy Of Generosity

Here’s the little red box that changed everything…


Sometime around Christmas 2012 my husband was laid off of work. In the midst of a difficult season, God used this Sparkle Box to inspire in us a heart of generosity. It’s upside-down thinking, really. Think about it long enough and you’d reject it for sure. Generosity in the midst of scarcity? Generosity in the middle of lack? Generosity on the edge of uncertainty?

And yet, it all makes perfect sense. Isn’t that what God displayed over two thousand years ago in the little town of Bethlehem? Was it not the greatest example of generosity in the midst of complete and utter nothingness? The silence so quiet it’s a wonder anyone even believed He’d ever keep His promise.

Still, the silence, the quiet, they did not denote absence. Rather, they gave room for sincere expectation and deep anticipation; Generosity in its utmost form. Hope enveloped beneath the soft skin of an infant.

That is what I want this Christmas, and every day.

Hope enveloped in the small, seemingly insignificant, extended to others. Generosity at its finest, bestowed on behalf of the One who’s freely lavished upon us grace and mercy, compassion and love, kindness and hope.

We open our hands and we give from what God has blessed us with. Somehow our little transforms into bread that satisfies both the body and the soul.

And so I threw a Sparkle Box party.

I shared with some beautiful mamas our Sparkle Box story. I poured out the revelation God’s poured into my heart… we give out of the abundance of His generosity. We open up our hearts and our hands and we offer Jesus.  A miracle occurs when we do this… both in the receiver and the giver. At least, that was my experience. I sat and I shared my heart. God inspiring a legacy of generosity within. Hope being poured out and extended through us.

Two years ago I spent a dollar for a sparkly, red, cardboard box. I put a bow on it and called it our gift to Jesus. This Christmas, I gave the gift of the Sparkle Box.


I passed on the seed of hope and generosity sown into our hearts in the middle of a very scarce and questionable time. We watched Blanca Olivia’s story, God’s story of hope and rescue and I handed out the World Help Gifts catalogue.

Because immersed in the pages of this catalogue is hope enveloped in the form of clean water, food, clothing, Bibles, and so much more. World Help Gifts provides us the opportunity to “connect families and communities around the world through the power of shared hope.”


A little red box transformed our Christmas. It transformed our giving. It transformed how we view God and His awe-inspiring generosity.


While my physical home limits the number of people I was able to invite to our Sparkle Box party, my home here on the web knows no boundaries. There’s a seat for everyone at the table. There’s a special seat just for you!




From Genesis to Revelation we see threads of generosity, love, and hope weaved through God’s amazing story. Today, we have the awesome privilege of being a part of that story.

Because that’s what generosity, love, and hope do- they strengthen the feeble souls, they lift the downcast and hopeless spirit, they inspire one to keep believing, keep trusting, and keep moving forward.

We get to gather, celebrate, and share the hope of Jesus Christ with the world. It’s an opportunity for generosity to work through us as God touches hearts to give. We become haulers of His generosity, transporters of His goodness- the hope bearers.

Praying your hearts would be stirred, filled with the excitement and wonder that come when we partner with God in His kingdom work! What an awesome privilege to offer help for today and hope for tomorrow! What do you say?

 Will you {join me}?

Inspired to leave a legacy of generosity alongside you…



For more information about World Help Gifts and to see our gift catalogue:

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  1. Darlene, first I must say, you are absolutely beautiful. Second, Blanca’s story still kindles the fire in me. This post and your story is amazing. I am praying for you, that God will take your words far and reach into the hearts of givers. Thank you!

    • Blanca’s story made my husband and I want to visit Guatemala. It’s on our hearts and one day, I’m sure our desire will be fulfilled! Thank you for your prayers. You bless my heart greatly!

  2. Rachel says:

    So excited to be a part of this… what better legacy to leave to my children than a legacy of generosity!

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