There’s been a quietness in my spirit lately. My soul is quiet.

I’ve learned in the last years that this silence is not an indication of things going downhill. It’s not depression. It’s not anxiety. It’s not worry.

Instead, it is a quietness causing me to look deeper. To listen with more intent. It’s a silence making all the noise around me meaningless. It takes me to a place where certain themes begin to echo in my heart.

My pursuit has been amazing. Some days I ponder on how far I’ve come in Christ and I can’t help but praise. Other days I look at how far I need to go and again, I can’t help but praise.

I need Jesus!!

His love amazes me. It surrounds me. It engulfs me and I cannot escape. I don’t want to.



The quietness follows me everywhere I go causing God’s word to echo loudly.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork,” (Psalm 19:1).



And all around me, God displays His grandeur. All around me His power and might declare His glory.

Is He ENOUGH, Darlene?

Is the God who created so much beauty, so much wonder… is He ENOUGH?

In a world that is constantly tugging on you…is He ENOUGH?

Is the One who died on the cross for you ENOUGH?

More than food. More than success. More than the need to feel valued by others. More than the desire to pursue greatness. More than this world’s definition of worth. More than adventures. More than money. More than accolades. More than all the stuff.


And so, in this quietness where everything all around me bows down in silence… my soul, my spirit shout:

Yes Lord, You are my portion!

You are more than ENOUGH!!





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