{Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs}

For the past couple of days, we’ve been learning about Easter here at home. I wanted to find a way to teach my daughter the real reason for Easter, the reason of our faith- Jesus, His sacrificial demonstration of love on the cross, and His glorious resurrection. In order to teach her this in a way that was fun and easy to understand, I created some Resurrection Eggs.

I’ve been eyeing these for quite some time now. If you want to purchase them, they sell them on, or at your local Christian store for about $12 – $17.

{Resurrection Eggs On A Budget}

After doing an online search, I found that I could easily make these myself. I found some great links and free printables on {Lapbook Lessons} blog, click {here}.  The whole project cost me a $1 and my daughter has not put them down since I taught her the lesson.

Simply save an egg carton. Purchase plastic eggs. I got these at the dollar store. They were supposed to be for an Easter Egg Hunt, but I loved this idea so much better and I didn’t have a chance to go get some plain plastic eggs. Work with what you have!!

Then number each egg from 1 to 12.


The printables come with 12 small pictures identifying different parts of the resurrection story. Fill the eggs accordingly and you’ve got an inexpensive version of the Resurrection Eggs. How easy is that?


These have become such a fun way to tell the Easter story. We did all 12 eggs at once. Some people open up one egg a day until Easter morning when you open the final egg only to learn that it is EMPTY!!!! Just like the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning… EMPTY!!!


Focus on the family has some other awesome ideas for teaching your children the truth behind this holiday. Click {here} to read some more.

So how about you? How do you teach your kids the real meaning of Easter? Send me your comments, I’d love to hear from you!!!

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