Moving Past Limitations {Pursuing Your Dreams}

When all you see is opposition and obstacles, dreaming can be difficult. Discouragement and disappointment set in robbing us of our strength and vitality. It takes courage to look at disappointment in the face and move forward anyway. Proverbs puts it so well, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life,” (v. 13:12, NLT).

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Moving Past Limitations

There are those who see an obstacle and immediately give up. There are others who see opposition and fearfully run in the opposite direction.

Then there are those courageous, crazy folk. They are the ones who get knocked down, ripped wide open. They see the wounds. They see the hurdles. They see the obstacles. But you can’t get the fight out of them. They got rid of the “Quit Option” a long time ago. Staggering, they get up on their feet, brush off the dust, and move forward in spite of the opposition.

These are the ones who move past their limitations.

How Do They Do It?

Learn to look at failures as lessons learned. Sulking in our failures doesn’t change a thing. In fact, it fogs up our thinking and keeps us stagnant. Instead, look at your failures. Sit with them and get comfortable. What can you learn from them?

We can not change everything, but we can change something. Rather than make excuses for the things which are out of your control, think outside the box. What can you do? What’s one thing that would positively influence your situation?

Write the vision. Many times setbacks, limitations, and obstacles are created by us. We fail to establish a course of action necessary to fulfill goals and plans. Then we wonder why we’re not getting anywhere. Write the vision down. Deconstruct it into small manageable steps.

Take the next step. Obstacles have a way of slowing us down. The obstacles and limitations in front of us seem impossible to overcome. Here’s the good news:  “Nothing is impossible with God,” (Luke 1:37). So get creative and take the next step.

Today’s Challenge

Dream anyway. Yes. Dream anyway. Don’t allow the circumstances of life to rob you of your dreams. During the difficult times, focus in on those God-given dreams. Hold them tight. Have faith. God’s not through with you yet!

Question: What setbacks, limitations, or obstacles keep you from pursuing your dreams? How can you overcome them? Leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page. Let’s brainstorm together!

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