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Good morning, ya’ll. I am so excited you’ve decided to stop by again. I am so encouraged by the emails, comments, and texts I have received from you and it makes my pursuit so much more of a delight! If I haven’t told you before, I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Today, I wanted to share with you some of my organization tips and tricks. As I mentioned in a previous post, {Organizing School Supplies and More}, I have a house that was built in 1929. We have very little storage space. Very little. I don’t even have a living room closet to put our coats in so you can imagine. Each of our three rooms has a very small closet and we have a cedar closet that we use as our linen closet. That’s about it for storage. No built-ins. No attic. And up until this year, we didn’t even have a pantry.

So I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to get the most out of my square footage. Although we don’t have much storage space, I do love the charm of our older home and so it was time to work up some magic!!


I used to have a very difficult time making coffee in the mornings because all the items I needed would end up in tangled mess in my cabinets. It was so frustrating! To get the coffee filters out, I pretty much had to take everything out, get the filters, and then put everything back in the cabinet. After a trip to the Dollar Store, my problem was solved and my Coffee Station was created! I love it! Sometimes I open the cabinet just to look at how neat it is!!! Yes, I’m pretty easy to please!

I just love, love, love the green plastic holders (they were $1 each).  Now look at the glass jars I found (again, $1 each!). Aren’t these the most adorable jars? I wanted to buy all of them. I mean- think about how cute they would look on a bathroom shelf holding cotton balls or q-tips or bath salts. LOVE THEM!!!

The coffee and sugar go in one, and the creamer, toothpicks, and filters go in the other.

Did you notice the small jar the toothpicks are in? Those are spice jars from IKEA.

As for my dishes, how do I keep those in order?

I think I purchased these wire holders at a Big Lots store a while back. I have one that I use for pans and lids also. They work so great, I’m thinking of getting two more for my other set of dishes. These were about $3 each, but I saw some similar ones at the Dollar Store last week. Dishes all over the place… problem solved!


I guess before you look at my living room pictures, you should know that I love books! Love them!!! I have many books and finding a place to store them has been quite a challenge. Let me introduce you to some of my favorite organization furniture and tools.

We had a very old 19 inch television set for the past 7 years. Actually, I had it in my apartment even longer. When we got married, we brought it with us. While most people were getting flat screen TV’s and plasma screens, we would watch our 19 inch, very old TV. If you asked my sisters to come over to watch a movie, their answer was, “why would we go watch a movie on that little TV when you can come over here and we could watch it on our big TV?”  Pretty sad huh? Well, we were content. We didn’t really watch a lot of television and it just did not make sense to go purchase a big TV. By the way, where would we put it?

After the fire, my husband was able to finally get a less outdated television {smile}, he chose the one shown below. It was important for us to get a Television Stand that was slim because of where we were placing it while at the same time being sturdy enough to hold the television. Oh and did I mention that organization was a must?!!!!

We found this one at Target, (Home 6 Cube Horizontal Organizer). It was fairly inexpensive and it did the job.

This comes with a backing that is the same color as the piece, but we opted to leave it off and allow the wall color to show through. We like the openness of it. It’s quite surprising how much I can fit in each cube. Magazines, binders and books area neatly stacked on 3 of the cubes. And how about those baskets? I love the baskets, they are pretty big and they conceal so much.

Take our DVD’s for example. You’d never know it, but they are neatly organized in one of the baskets. Simply open up the basket, take out the DVD you’re looking for and then close. No more DVD’s laying all over the living room, problem solved! The middle basket actually hides our Wireless Router, our Internet modem, our extra Wii remotes and more electronics.

A simple decorative platter I found in my basement (from my wedding reception) is now home to our TV and Wii remote. Now everyone knows where to place the remotes when they are done using them.


This is what all the wires connected to our electronics looked like. I disliked walking in the door and seeing this eyesore. That is, until I scored this fabulous wicker basket. For a few bucks, I filled it with extra pillows and a blanket for when the kids want to lay down on the floor to read or watch a movie. Problem solved!!!

If you have not yet noticed, I love baskets. I think they are such a pretty and practical way to decorate and organize. So back to my book storage. Here’s a picture that shows a small portion of some of the books in my living room.

Clearing the clutter does not have to cost a lot of money. Get creative, use whatever you find in your house already. I had these baskets in a unit in my room which was no longer being used. So after much thought about how I can get the most use out of them, I chose this:

I just grouped the books by categories (Marriage, Family, Parenting together- Finances, Health, Fiction Novels on the other side). And the middle basket was perfect for the Veggie Tales lessons box. This is what it looks like when it’s all tucked away beneath our table. How easy and functional is that?!


I hope you found some ideas for your own organizational needs. Take it from a person who was lost in her clutter-  things can change and you can get out from under all that clutter. All it takes is some creativity.


  1. Grab a notebook and pen.
  2. Assess the problem spots in each room and list them (one page per room).
  3. Gather any organization items you might already have on hand (extra baskets, bins, pails, buckets- get creative!).
  4. Clear the area and wipe down (ex.: I had to take out all my books and clean out the shelving unit).
  5. Use your organization items to sort like items into groups.

Do you have any great tips and tricks on how to keep your house under control? If so, I would love to hear from you. Send me your organization ideas and pictures. Who knows, you might just be featured here on {In Pursuit}!!

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