{Ponder The Direction Of Your Life}

Psalm 119, 59

I was reading through Psalm 119: 59 last weekend and this verse jumped out at me. In the New Living Translation, it says, “I pondered the direction of my life, and I turned to follow your laws.” That kept resounding in my spirit.

Ponder the direction of your life Darlene.

I’m the girl with the plan. I’m the girl who has to have it all laid out nice and neatly in front of her. I didn’t understand this about myself until I worked on my Life Map. In this map I pretty much laid out in front of me all that was ‘the life of Darlene’. I could look at a paper and see 30 years of experiences… all of them leading up to who I am today.

Looking at this map I can see the many times I’ve drifted off course. I can see the many times I’ve experienced grief, sadness, brokenness and defeat.

I can see the victories, the joy, the peace, and the redemption of Christ also.

And so, going forward I ask God for wisdom. Wisdom to make right choices today that would positively and substantially impact my future tomorrow.

He brings me here.  Psalm 119:59. His Word. So clear. So precise. So simple.

Think about your steps Darlene. Think about the direction your feet are taking. Do this often. Do this without hesitation. Do this continuously. Then align yourself. Direct your feet back to My Word. Direct your walk back to my written instructions. If you do this, you won’t stray off the narrow path.

In a world filled with so many suggestions, ideologies, ‘truths’, and opinions, make sure to come back to the written word. It’s a lamp unto your feet. It will light up the path before you. Ponder the direction of your life Darlene.

Stop. Be still. And take time to really think about where you’re headed. The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

And so, my friend, today I make it a point to stop. I take out my pencil and paper. I breath. And I sit still.

Today I make it a priority to ponder the direction of my feet.



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