{Prayer, It Changes Things!}

I love that God has a way of guiding our destinies. It always amazes me when I see God’s hand at work in a situation. I believe the part that amazes me so often is how He works things out. He surprises us in ways unexpected; ways unimagined.

Answers to our prayers already being worked out before they even leave our hearts and lips.

Answers to our prayers being manifested right before our eyes.

Answers to our prayers being unfolded in ways so beautiful we couldn’t duplicate it, even if we tried.

He continues to amaze me!!

This week I have personally experienced prayer after prayer being answered. This week I’ve been a witness and a testimony of how God does things. Inexplicably. Undeniably. Miraculously… God at work.

I encourage you to not lose hope. Prayer does, in fact, change things. The prayers of the righteous availeth much! Believe it! Hold on to hope because hope does not disappoint.

In his book, Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets says:

“We don’t have to produce anything… but rather we distribute, as the disciples did with the loaves and fishes. [Prayer] liberates us from intimidation and emboldens us to know that:

  • The Producer simply wants to distribute through us.
  • The Intercessor wants to intercede through us.
  • The Mediator wants to mediate through us.
  • The Representative wants to represent through us.
  • The Go-between wants to go between through us.
  • The Victor wants His victory enforced through us.
  • The Minister of reconciliation has given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”

I love it!

It reminds me that the continuation of prayer in my life has nothing to do with what I can get out of God. Instead, it has everything to do with all that God wants to distribute through me!!!

How about you? Have you seen God answer prayers in your own life?

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