{Preparing My Heart For Easter}

Time flies. Hours go by. Days go by. Holidays go by. If we are not careful, we miss living the ‘now’ moments. Christmas comes and we lose the coming of the Messiah in the mess of a shopping list. New Years flies past us and we miss the promises and blessings, the fresh start, and the renewed strength offered in the mess of a New Year’s resolution list. Time passes. God moments breeze right past us as we continue moving forward, looking for the next best thing.

My journey, my pursuit, requires me to slow down. To live the ‘now’ moments God has for me. My journey requires me to put to the side the busyness, you know, the things that make me feel ‘important’- because at the end of the day, all that matters is Him.

And so, for the past weeks I have been making a conscious decision to be present during this season of my life. I am making a conscious, and sometimes very difficult decision, to not miss Jesus on my way through life, on my way through the Easter holiday. I don’t just want a basket filled with candy, shiny shoes, and a new Easter hat. I don’t just want rushed days, running to ‘special’ Good Friday services and Easter plays. I don’t want to come home and find that I missed the reason for it all.

Jesus. His Love. His Sacrifice. His Resurrection. His promises being fulfilled. Eternal Life.

I don’t want to leave this Holiday season with a basket full of goodies and a heart empty of all that God has for me.

He came that I may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). He came and gave up his life that I may find mine. The peace and joy that I so delight in today came at a cost. My sin, my debt, all of it, laid upon His shoulders. He left His glory and came to this sinful earth that I may one day leave this sinful earth and enter into glory. He gave himself entirely to God, that we might also be entirely Gods (John 17:10). He carried the cross alone, that we may not have to carry ours alone. He died, that the Counselor (the Holy Spirit) would come and lead us in all truth (John 15:26). He overcame, that we too, would overcome (John 16:33).

Today, I woke up empty. My prayer being,

“Jesus, I have nothing left to give. I cannot live life out of my reserves. I must live out of the overflow. Fill my cup Jesus. My living water is You. My nourishment- to do Your will and finish it.”

And as I read through John 14- John 19, the word of the Lord lifted the burdens and refreshed my soul. The love of God, the love of my Savior poured out of those pages and into my heart. He is present. He is good. He is not lost in the hustle of the season.

I am refreshed. I am restored. I am renewed. I am preparing my heart for the good  news of the resurrection. For in the end, without the gospel being the center of it all- our lives are merely an existence. When we come face to face with the cross, with the blood, the pain, the chastisement of our own sin which cries out, “crucify him, crucify him”, nothing else matters. No words will do, except “Forgive us!”

I choose to be present this Easter. I choose to walk that road with Jesus. From the great entry into the city of Jerusalem, as the King humbly rides a donkey to the miracles throughout the New Testament…from the Passover meal to the Garden of Gethsemane….. from the Cross of Calvary to the Resurrection tomb… all of it. I want to walk with Jesus.

I choose to be present this Easter. I choose to experience a new revelation of His ultimate expression of love!!!

© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest

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