{Priceless Moments: Learning To Write Her Name}

It’s amazing just how much ‘everyday’ life I’ve missed. The longer I am a stay at home mother, the more I realize just how many ‘first’ I am privileged to experience.

There’s so many events that I missed with my first-born. How I wish I knew then what I know now!

My second child is teaching me to experience the joy of the every day moments. She reminds me that there are still so many ‘firsts’ to experience both in her life and in the life of my oldest.

I experienced one of these ‘firsts’ this week.

My daughter and I have practiced how to write her first name.

I simply made out two cards for her. One with her name written out. The other with her name in ‘dashes’ to practice her tracing/ writing. {tip} Laminate the cards so that your child can use them over and over. Eliminates paper waste.

We spent maybe 5 to 10 minutes a day doing this during her lesson time. She soon became comfortable enough to write her name without tracing it. Eventually, she’d go to the white board and write her name without tracing or looking. And finally, she even spelled her name without having to write it.


It was amazing watching her ‘get it’. She was so excited. She wrote her

name over and over again. I was a proud momma!


Chai’ knew that once she was able to write her name correctly, she would be able to go

to our local library and get her very own Library Card. Now that may not mean much to an adult now-a-days, but to a four-year old… This was huge!!! Every night when she’d write out her name correctly, she’d say, ‘okay, I’m ready, LET’S GO TO THE LIBRARY TO GET MY LIBRARY CARD!!!!’

It was the cutest thing!

I am thankful for this amazing opportunity to be able to enjoy these seemingly little moments. She will never again learn how to spell her name for the first time. That time came. That time is already gone. But I do rejoice in being available to experience it. I will forever remember the excitement in her face when she finally mastered the assignment. PRICELESS!

These are the moments in which I am grateful we made the decision to home school!

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