Quench My Thirst, Fill My Hunger

imageIt is officially the first day of Spring!!!!

This morning while reading in the book of John, I read through the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (Chapter 4). Jesus offers her the water which will satisfy her thirst. It’s the water that refreshes you in such a way that you’d never go thirsty.

Then his disciples bring Jesus food and his response is: “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work. These verses caused me to think about my own spiritual thirst and hunger.

It caused me to look at the choices I make and the depths of the thirst and hunger of my soul.

When I read about Jesus and this living water, I immediately thought,

“I want of that water, Jesus!”

When I read Jesus’ response to his disciples, I immediately thought,

“I want my nourishment to come from doing the will of God… and from finishing his work.”

We’ve all read this story so many times. It’s easy to be a spectator, looking from the outside, like ‘oh yeah, this woman had a big problem’. But really- don’t we all suffer from the same need? Don’t we all carry a hunger that drives us to things that will never fully satisfy? Don’t we all carry a thirst -so deep- that the pleasures of this world (materialism, drugs, sex, food, and the like) can never truly quench.

I challenge you today to take a moment and remove your focus from the ‘food’ you think you need. Today, let’s look to Jesus and ask for that living water which will quench our thirst. Today, let’s look to God and say, “Lord give me the will and strength to do your will because THAT IS where my nourishment comes from. God help us to finish the work you’ve placed us here on earth to finish.” Today, let’s go back to the beginning. To the basics. We need Jesus.

Any attempt to fight our battles on our own is futile. It’s pointless.

Spring is here! I declare over your life a turnover from the death and emptiness of winter to a place of growth, change, and true contentment and satisfaction in God.

As you look around you, and begin to see the changes of the season, believe that these same changes are occurring in your own life. Because you’ve chosen to make Jesus your source… he will fill your thirst and He will nourish you in ways you’ve never imagined.

I declare into your life….


AND PRODUCE FRUIT that will last…

Blessings, peace, and all my love,


© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest

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