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Chapter 6:

Resting In The Transcendence Of God {Owning The Mystery Of His Supremacy}

We’re on Part 3 of the book, Owning Your Life by Giving God Control, What Only He Can Do. 

How appropriate. After a week filled with terrible news and unsettled emotions I need to know I can give God control. Especially reassuring when the challenge before me is greater than any I can handle on my own. When life is full of struggle, trials, testing, and opposition; when you’re raising children and loving on husbands, cleaning homes and preparing meals; when you must keep showing up because eyes are watching and littles depend on you…

Yeah, it’s especially great to know, I don’t have to be in control. There are things only He can do.1 I can rest in His transcendence. I can settle, by faith, into the mystery of His supremacy. I don’t have to figure out how He will work it out. His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts higher than mine (Isaiah 55:9).


Taking Time To Wonder

2For a while, I lost my wonder. I was that bitter woman on the sidelines of her life neck-deep in the monotony and drudgery of it all. I had many questions and no answers. I felt so far from my place of purpose. I felt so behind in life. I felt so-not-me. I’d look around in utter despair, my soul filled with apathy, scorn, and cynicism .

I felt like a woman stuck in a glass box, continuously hitting my head on the ceiling above. I was suffocating.

Until I chose to bloom where I was planted.

Here’s the thing, blooming takes time. It takes nourishment from the rain, soil, and sun. It doesn’t happen in one day. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Sometimes that means being okay with not having all the answers. It means understanding God is God, not I. When I try to understand the vastness of His knowledge, I’m left wanting. When I try to make sense of the depth of His mysteries, I’m better aware of how small I am.

That’s what happened this past summer. I took to the streets in the morning with my camera. I walked around the concrete city that’s my home, and I found beauty in the most unexpected places.





For thirty days I went in search of beauty in my life, beauty in my surroundings. I refused to believe sadness, sorrow, and brokenness was all that existed. Rather, I fought for joy and decided I’d take God for His word, goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. 

And I, well I was in search of it. I refused to walk through my life blind to the gifts of beauty, truth, virtue, and goodness all around me.

“Owning a sense of wonder at God’s transcendence, acknowledging that He is above and beyond anything we can imagine, will inevitably increase the magnitude of our faith,” (Sally Clarkson).


Becoming Like A Little Child

I became much like my little girl, full of wonder for the dandelions and weeds in our small front yard. How could it be? How is it possible that something we consider to be a nuisance in our gardens could be so beautiful and intricate? Why is it God put so much detail in a flower we can’t wait to get rid of, one that many of us look past every single day?



This God, whose glory and wonder is so beautifully seen in every single petal… how much more beauty, detail, and wonder did He put into creating us?

There’s no alternative but to bow our heads in worship, in gratitude, in humility.

“What might God do through my life, in the power of the Holy Spirit if I were willing to dream big and believe in miracles? 

“What might He accomplish through me if I would only throw off my cloak of worry and just enjoy the beauty, dance with the invisible music, and celebrate life?


Cultivate Your Inner Child Heart and Celebrate!


That summer was memorable. It was the summer I learned beauty exists in the middle of my most broken places. I learned God’s goodness and mercy was available to me. All I needed to do was open my eyes and see. I needed to go in search of it, go in search of Him.

That’s how I want to live my life. I want to cultivate the inner child full of wonder. And when I hear the beautiful music to the symphony God’s playing in my life, I want to dance–wildly, passionately, boldly, and without reserve.

It’s here where I find rest in God’s transcendency. I find joy in the mysteries of His supremacy. It’s here where I trust His paths for me because I trust He’s present, active, and weaving beauty in and through my life.

If God is transcendent, if He is supreme, if He is in control… what does that look like in our lives?  Let’s talk about it (feel free to do so in the comments section, on our Facebook page, or privately).

Then meet me here next week when we’ll continue mapping out our life purpose as we look at Owning Our Lives By Allowing God’s Spirit To Breathe In Us. 


Thoughts To Ponder

♥Note: We’ve barely hit the surface here. Discussion questions will serve you best after reading the week’s chapter. 

1.) What is ruling your thoughts instead of the peace of Christ? What are some verses you can dwell on to refocus your heart?

2.) Sally encourages us to find daily rituals that can anchor us on busy days. How do you regularly reflect on God’s greatness?

*All quotes taken from Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life Book, unless otherwise noted. 


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