Run Your Race Well, You Look Beautiful Doing It!

Run Your Race Well 1

You know that person running alongside you? The one you can’t take your eyes off?

Yeah, they’ve got their own race to run. They have their own lane to stay in. They have their own hurdles and obstacles to overcome. I know their race looks better than yours. I know they look faster, stronger, and much more equipped for the task. I know your knees are trembling and you’re standing there wondering where they get all their confidence, because you could sure use some of your own!

Still, they’ve got their own race to run.

There’s something absolutely spectacular when we see someone running their race well and we choose celebration, we choose rejoicing, we choose to cheer loudly. We learn that the running of their race does not take away from our own race. The strength, the grace, the perseverance, and the beauty of their run doesn’t take away from the beauty found in ours.

We’re all trying to get to the “Well done” of our Coach at the finish line.

So go ahead friend, put your feet to the pavement and run your own race well. Lean into the rhythm of each step. Keep your eyes focused before you. Run to the beat of the song God’s placed inside you. Put one foot in front of the other and move in the direction He’s calling you to move in.

From where I’m standing, you look strong. You look graceful. You look oh-so-beautiful!

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  1. As I read this, it reminded me of the Olympic teams and they are sportsmanship. I found you through today’s linkup

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