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Chapter 16 : Shaping Generations To Come {Owning Your Motherhood}

As a teenage mom, I was in bad shape. I had no clue what I was doing and the odds I’d get it right were slim to none. At the age of 16, when I should have been home learning skills that would one day help me to run my home and raise my children well, I was on the street from house to house. In my rebellion, I ran away and soon enough, by 18 I was mama. That little boy changed my life.

Own Your Motherhood

At two years of age, my son would look into my eyes and in my head I’d say, “Oh, how I wish I knew how to do this!” I was a single mom then, and I felt so inadequate. There was much I didn’t know how to do. Simple things like cleaning my home, cooking, and doing laundry were so difficult for me. Raising children and leading their little hearts, forget about it! It seemed impossible to me. I had no confidence in my ability to mother this child well. My love for him kept me trying. But it wasn’t until I surrendered my life to the Lord in April 2003, that my love for him turned into purpose.

I realized that motherhood was a gift from God; one that came with much responsibility and purpose. And I was going all in. I would trust in God’s faithfulness and ability to lead me as I lead my son.

Several years later when I married, a step-child was added to the family, followed by a precious daughter. I was no longer a single mother, yet many of the insecurities followed me. Would I, a young woman who ran away in her teens, be able to raise up a daughter (and boys) who loved the Lord?

That’s when the Lord brought into my life messages such as these:

“Mothers, I came to believe, were God’s finest idea for how such a righteous legacy would be passed on in each generations. They were designed by Him to influence the hearts of children within the sanctuary of their own homes and to help shape them into the next generation of godly leaders. Mothers have the capacity to inspire messages of truth and hope, to model love and servant leadership, to build mental and academic strength by overseeing the education of their children, to lead in faith, and to build a haven of all that is good, true, and beautiful.” (Sally Clarkson)

If I was going to raise children well, it must begin with my relationship with God. Out of that relationship would flow goodness, truth, and virtue. It just had to. Though I wasn’t sure of the outcome (and I’m still waiting for the full harvest), I knew I could trust God.


All Mamas Feel Inadequate

Looking into Sally’s life, with her beautiful children grown and loving the Lord, and her beautiful ministry and marriage, it’s easy to think she had it all figured out. I love sitting and gleaning wisdom from her because she’s so honest about her failures, insecurities, and weaknesses. She admits to the feelings of inadequacies, and I’m reminded that I’m not alone. If she was able to push through the obstacles and go through the storms and trenches, I, too, am capable (in Christ) of the same. We need mamas who’ve gone before us to point the way and to cheer us on.

Sally did that for me. At a time when I didn’t know how to be a godly women, let alone a godly mother, her words encouraged me and pointed me back to God’s purpose for this season of my life. As long as I’m walking with Jesus, He’d lead.


(Find some secrets of motherhood Sally learned along the way on pages 228-229.)

Don’t Do Motherhood Alone

Motherhood is a difficult, but rewarding job. Don’t go at it alone. We’d do well to heed this instruction. Look for other mothers to connect with. In doing so, you begin to learn that you’re not the only one going through the issues you go through. You learn ideas, tips, trick, and so much more from simply sharing life with others. Even more so, you can pray with and for each other, imparting God’s grace toward each other as you seek to own your motherhood.


The Power of Servant Motherhood

Motherhood will challenge your selfishness. It will push your buttons and frustrate your self-centered plans. We’ll either grow bitter and resentful, or we’ll surrender our plans to God asking Him to teach us what this season should look like.

For me, this surrender has changed the way I view my children’s needs. Though it’s a continuous realignment to God’s word, I’m learning there is power in understanding we don’t ‘have’ to do anything… we ‘get’ to partner with God in the raising of our children.

We have the honor and privilege of shaping the next generation with every word and action. There’s power in serving our children, not because of entitlement issues, but rather because in doing so, we’re serving God. And so, we lean in and do the hard work of tilling the ground, sowing seeds of faith and faithfulness, and tending to our gardens daily. We serve because we trust in the God of the harvest. We believe we will see the fruit of our labor!


I loved reading this chapter. I was refreshed and renewed in my desire to continue shaping the generations to come by owning my motherhood with these precious ones He’s entrusted me with! I encourage you to read through this chapter and imagine what “Shaping The Generation To Come” and “{Owning Your Motherhood}” could look like. Care to unwrap that? Let’s talk about it (feel free to do so in the comments section, on our Facebook page, or privately).

Then meet me here next week when we’ll continue with Shaping Generations To Come {Owning Your Motherhood}

*unless otherwise noted, all quotes are by Sally Clarkson.

Thoughts To Ponder

1.) How can you best nurture your children as you seek to reach their hearts? What attitudes do you need to change?

2.) If Jesus told you that the service He most wanted from you was to raise your children and teach them all about God and His Kingdom, what would you need to do to better fulfill this role?

Discussion Questions graciously provided by Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life Team
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  1. I’ve been looking for someone online who was going through this book. Thank you for archiving the posts. I just started the book after completing Tracie Mile’s “Your Life Still Counts” I’m an empty nester, with 2 graduating college this year.

    • Hi 16dmob! I’m so glad you stopped by. This book has been such a blessing in my life. Go through it slowly at a place that will allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. We’re on our last chapter this week, but yes, I’ve archived them all to make it easier to find for those who are just beginning the journey. Enjoy! I pray you’ll be blessed by Sally’s words of wisdom as much as I have been 🙂

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