{Create A Photo/Gallery Wall}

I love, love, (and did I say?)….love Photo/Gallery Walls. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, a little bit of patience, and a free afternoon. The possibilities are endless!! And so, on one of those uneventful afternoons, I got tired of looking at my empty wall. I guess you would be tired too […]

{Get Your Free Family Binder Printables}

I have been blessed by so many sites out there sharing their gifts and talents. After much thinking, I’ve concluded that I want {In Pursuit} to be a blessing to others lives just as much as this journey has been in mine. Originally I planned on selling my templates of the Family Binder, however, I’ve […]

{Plan Breakfast For A Month: $26.00}

I cannot stress enough the difference that planning meals makes in our homes. I’ve tested this out and I think I found a tool that I will play around with until I’ve got it ‘just right’! Writing out a meal plan saves me so much time and money… Here’s an example: {Breakfast Schedule} I sat […]

{Week 1, Journey to Financial Freedom, Part 2}

Photo ©  {InPursuit} Previously I shared with you our pursuit to find financial freedom. Well here we are, Part 2, and I have so much to share with you. I will do my very best to keep it as brief as possible, but bear with me- this is such an amazing and close-to-home topic- I […]

{Week 1, Journey to Financial Freedom, Part 1}

Previously, I shared with you my quest to find financial freedom. Part of diving into this very scary area of my life involves surrendering to God’s truth about money and possessions. My husband and I married at 24 years of age, neither of us having obtained any good and useful information regarding how to handle […]

{The “B” Word}

For years this has been a taboo subject. I mean, who wants to talk about finances? Turning a blind eye to what comes in and out makes it less painful. Right? Wrong. For starters, how we handle our finances has a lot to do with out relationship with God. Don’t believe me? Check out the […]