{A Gift For You}

        As a gift of appreciation to all my readers, feel free to right-click on the picture below, download, and print.  From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!    

{Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men}

Where Is The Good? Pain has a way of messing with your vision obscuring everything around you. Hearts writhing in pain, bleeding, almost unto death. Knots of despair stuck in your throat threatening to choke you, not allowing you to speak, words unable to flow. It becomes an opaque filter, impenetrable to light. Things become […]

{The Greatest Story Ever Told!}

Every year when it’s time to put up our Christmas tree, I pull out a cardboard box and she is immediately delighted. “Mom, can I help?!” “Of course you can… just be careful,” and I hand her the box. She opens it up with such delight, carefully pulling each figure out of its styrofoam compartment. […]

A Different Kind Of Christmas

I’m still sick and my daughter is already up, which means that I have about two minutes to share. I don’t have the words or the time to share what has gone on inside this heart of mine. However, this much I can share… I’ve felt the sense that there is more to this time […]

{Update: Christmas Baking}

Hey ya’ll,  I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you. My modem broke down after so many years of using it. I was left without access to my internet and let me just say… those were 3 very long days!!! You cannot imagine the happy dance I did when I drove up to my […]

{Family Time: Building a Nativity}

It’s Wednesday!!! Another favorite day of the week for me because I get to share with you some of the awesome crafts and fun things I’ve done with my children. I have a Nativity set that comes out every Christmas. I love it and it seems to have found another fan… my 4-year-old daughter. The […]